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'Two global traps' directed at Turkey

“Geographic determinism” has always been the “biggest fate” for all the global powers, including the U.S., who imposed itself on the world as the “New Rome” after the Cold War.

The American administration, which couldn't exceed this dilemma and underestimated this transformation in the Eurasia geography, is now experiencing the panic of living the consequences all the other big actors in the past 500 years were exposed to.

Because the iron willpowers of different geographic cultures, which we can refer to as “the history that built the future”, had turned Washington's “Imperium Americana” dream into a nightmare.

Consequently, their New Rome ambition had been mired down.

However, keeping their hopes alive, some administrator elites and intellectuals haven't given up yet.

Political scientist Joseph S. Nye from Harvard University, who is known for his “Smart power” conceptualization, is of the opinion that there is no power that can overthrow the U.S. from its throne, even in a period when Fukuyama, who declared the end of history, is writing “reform memorandums” about the White House.

In his book entitled “Is The American Century Over?”, which had been released to the markets in January 2015, Nye preserves this undertaker view, and with the confidence of advising the White House for years, he is making the following claim; “In the near future, the U.S. will continue being on the top of the global hegemony pyramid with it's military, economic and soft power”.


However, even though this flamboyant prediction is seducing some minds, the data of the necessity principle are completely refuting this claim.

Almost since World War II, the U.S. couldn't win a real victory.

In the latest edition of the “The Atlantic” magazine, this reality had been examined even if surreptitiously.

In the articles, it's remarkable to witness as the American analysts, who are finding it difficult to accept this new global reality, are opening the doors to three important confessions (political/military and economic).

The first one is the mentioning that the “war against terror” strategy, which had been activated by the American government against the Islam world in 2001, had gone bankrupt and this approach is turning into a “political route” in Turkey and the Middle East.

The second one is the emphasis on the military defeat of the U.S., which is experiencing a geo-political collapse against Russia.

The third one is; the declaration that Washington lost its throne in economy to Beijing.

In this sense, the U.S.'s, whose political, military and economic strategies against Turkey, Russia and China are collapsing one by one, global bottleneck is gradually deepening.


The reason behind the global ambition, which led the U.S. to collapse, is being mentioned in John Mackinder's (1861- 1947) famous book entitled “Geographical Pivot of History” published in January 1904.

In that book, Mackinder states that; “The way to global sovereignty passes from controlling Eurasia, not the seas”.

In his speech at the U.S. Congress in 1917, Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924), who had been influenced by the British geo-politicist, said; “The policy of balance of forces should be implemented in a way that no force can reach a level enough to compete against us”.

The U.S. implemented this strategy successfully in the 20th century.

The American diplomat, George Kennan (1904 – 2005), who is known as the “engineer of the Cold War”, activated his strategy of surrounding the USSR after 1947.

According to this strategy, which targets a regime change and opened bases in the countries surrounding Russia and China, Washington had prevented the rise of the Asian countries with “national revolutions” in the certain geography they imprisoned them to.

For example, with the 1917 Bolshevist Revolution, they imprisoned Russia to“socialism in a single country”.

They also positioned China, who conducted the Cultural Revolution in 1949, against Russia.

While also controlling Europe with the Russia threat.

On the other hand, by constructing a rivalry and violence spiral between Russia-China-Japan, they divided Asia within itself.

During the Cold War period, they pulled the Islam world to their side with the Iran Revolution and Afghanistan invasion in 1979, and mobilized them against the communist Russia and China.

Within that period of history (1947 – 1991), Turkey's political regime had also been designed according to the policies directed at Russia and Eurasia.

Let's not forget that, today, in the essence of the happenings in Turkey and the Islamic world, there are objectives related with the U.S.'s Eurasia strategy.


After the fall of the USSR, the U.S. advanced its strategy to control Eurasia to the next step; however, the biggest mistake of the U.S. had been targeting the Islam world with the “war on terror” excuse and violating the “great agreement”.

As a matter of fact, the actor who violated the “great agreement”, which is interpreted by Franklin Roosevelt (1882 – 1945) in 1942 as “From now on, all the real decisions should be taken by the 'quartet' formed by the U.S., Britain, Russia and China”, had been Washington, who entered Iraq and Afghanistan in 2001.


It wasn't too late before the U.S., who is trying to get away from the shocks they experienced, implemented the concurrent scenarios against Turkey, Russia and China.

On May 30, 2013, by supporting the Gezi incident, and on July 3, 2013, by supporting the coup in Egypt, they activated the “dirty scenario” against Turkey and the Ukraine crisis was unleashed in November 2013.

With the Ukraine crisis, Washington destroyed the “Eurasia axis” that is formed of “Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow and Tehran”, which are being qualified as the “new bloc” against liberalism, communism and fascism in Russian geo-politicist Alexander Dugin's book entitled “The Fourth Political Theory”.

The first ones to break apart from this axis, in which Turkey and China are not included, had been Germany and Japan.

However, with the strategic energy agreements he signed with Beijing and Ankara, Putin included China and Turkey to the “Eurasia axis” instead of Germany and Japan.


The famous American strategist, Brzezinski made the following designation is his book entitled “Great Chess Board” in 1997; “Ukraine is one of the peons used by the U.S. for their Eurasia population. If there is no Ukraine, Russia will turn into a European empire”.

The U.S.'s strategic interests had now turned Ukraine into a country that is relying on the IMF, unsuccessful, disintegrated and dragged towards civil war.

Like Ukraine, Turkey, who is qualified as the “lock of Eurasia”, is face to face with geo-political scenarios organized by outer forces.

By deepening the civil wars in Syria and Iraq after 2011, the U.S. had landed a blow on the Arab Spring, the “Silent Revolution” in Anatolia.

By supporting the junta in Egypt in 2013, the U.S. embittered the conflicts in Yemen and Libya.

Thus, they prevented the integration of New Turkey, who didn't serve their global and regional interests, with the region and started paving the way for Tehran.

However, the dirty projects, which had been activated with the Gezi and parallel coups, didn't work out.

Afterwards, the “Iran expansion”, which targeted “hitting three birds with a rock”, against Turkey-Russia and China, had been conducted.

We shouldn't forget that the actual objective of the U.S., who aimed to slow down Moscow and Beijing in South and Central Asia with the Iran expansion, is to sabotage the Kurdish-Turkish alliance in the Middle East.

Today, the “Kurdish corridor” activated on the Turkey-Syria border by the Pentagon, and the “military marking” they conducted on Erbil over Germany, are the most open strategies of these politics.

However, the “Ukraine crisis and Iran expansion”, which had been designed as “global traps”, doesn't seem to become successful in the future.

Because as long as Erdoğan exists, nobody can sabotage the “Resolution Process”, which is the biggest political project for Turkey and is the most effective antidote of these two global traps

Nobody can completely disintegrate Turkey from the Eurasia axis and the Middle East.

The old world has to adapt living with New Turkey.

As we are witnessing; they are already in pursuit of this.


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