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Turning June 7 into a glorious date

Leftist and neo-liberal White Turks and members of the Alevi communities were put on stage during the anti-government Gezi Park protests, White Muslims and “The Congregation" were present during the Dec. 17 police raids and now they have pushed White Kurds to the stage over the Peoples' Democratic Party or HDP.

But whatever they do, June 7 will be a milestone for this country and the Islam world.

It will turn into a date and the meaning of a certain period in time .

That day we will witness the Anatolian Revolution ascending to the throne .

This revolution, even if it geographically carries a “hegemonic characteristic", will again raise the Islamic world, which has politically been left insignificant and ordinary for centuries.

Since they know this, they put into action all kinds of “ disproportionate intelligence, violence, atrocity, civil war scenario and coup plan ".

Their Pharaohs in Egypt, having lost temper, are again hailing the death sentences.

In fact, it is Erdoğan whom they target in Syria and Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Egypt.

It is the Anatolian Revolution led by Erdoğan and is the hope for Islam world.

For four years even if they attack internally and externally they could not besiege this geography.

Because the historical, cultural and political will in these territories is living again its most fortunate and strongest era after five centuries.

No matter what they say, the regional dynamics with the new global conditions developed after the USA are whipping this political-cultural mobilization .

The rise of the New Turkey that meets Anatolia and Mesopotamia , so to say, will cause a deep geo-political shake up similar to the French Revolution.

And the New Turkey will sooner or later complete its journey to be the country that is the center of the Islamic civilization.


No doubt, together with our country our close environment is also in a process of fundamental change from the political, economical and socio-cultural aspect .

In such a period, we are obliged to follow an irredentist strategy that goes beyond the proactivism in the cultural, political and economical level.

We must be able to turn the eight hundred years of political leadership experience of Anatolia in the Islam world into both a strategical ground and a radical reference point.

Without a doubt, the paths we walk are at the same time the routes leading to power, justice and freedom .

Petroleum pipelines passing from our geography and the civilizations living in these territories are the sign of the intercontinental power of our country.

It seems that in the 21st century the New Turkey will fill the gap emptied in Europe in the global system .

Interestingly, the world goes to a global equivalence system rather than the global power balance.

Anymore, the statement “we and they" collapsed, the search for ideology ended and the race of values as well.

The Western world which had a strategical defeat against Islam , for this reason is acting with a wild incentive and is seeding chaos everywhere.

The West, violating its own principals that it has been touting for years, can applaud a dictator who spills out sentences to mass death for the elected Morsi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the Amazon, when a butterfly flaps, Western media immediately delivers headlines as “ Erdoğan's system is shaken".

They did not say “ the past looks like the future as the water looks like the water" in vain .


The failing USA cannot produce an alternative rather than Pentagonization of its culture .

The " One Belt One Road" strategy of China extending from Beijing to Istanbul and the “ Two Ocean Project " including the Indian and Pacific oceans is now called the "New World (Silk) Order".

The wheel of the global economy changed hand.

Any more, the Islamic geography, as it had happened in the last two centuries, is again in a geo-political environment in this era, where the competition takes place the most.

In such geography and such a historical period, of course there may not be something more natural than all the eyes looking at Turkey.

Our country in this sense is either seen by the powers such as the USA, EU, Russia and China, as an ally to act jointly with or a rival chosen as a target.


Here at this point, it is useful not to miss that in these territories no event develops incidentally .

For example the USA President Obama, on May 16, 2013, welcomed Erdoğan, Davutoğlu and Fidan in the Red Room at the White House at the utmost level.

Fifteen days after this welcome, also on the 3rd anniversary of the Mavi Marmara attack on the 31st of May, 2010 , the button for Gezi, the most systematical street attempt, was pressed to overthrow Erdoğan.

After that, the coup was staged in Egypt on July 3, 2013, and Turkey's biggest ally, Muslim Brotherhood was dismissed.

In spite of the Egypt doping , when the Taksim attempt was unsuccessful, again the new bid was given to the “ The congregation (or parallel)" organization in Pennsylvania.

And on December 17, 2013, on the 3rd anniversary of the Arab Spring that had started in Tunisia on December 17, 2010, the international centers again started the “parallel and synchroniz ed movements".

Then with ISIS, the Kurdish-Turkish ally was targeted.

And now the eyes are on the HDP's performance on June 7.


But those turning HDP into the “ snake to hug" will be terribly mistaken.

Because the devastating majority of the Kurds, in spite of HDP's opportunist mind disabled by the Kemalist left, will support the change.

And they will not make their choice in favor of those who threw their fathers into the acid wells .

We will see on the morning of June 8.

Let's see to whose face the Gezi joke “Long live fully independent Mehmet Efendi coffee store" will bring a smile.


Here it is just the time to go to Gezi shortly about the future of HDP .

Let's not forget that, the thing happened in Gezi was more than a rebellion, a “customer dissatisfaction" of the neo-liberal hedonists with the post-Marxists.

That's why it lasted short and in spite of the global support, could not pass beyond a social performance.

Thus, once more we have seen that the rhetoric could not change the truth .

Because the real change can only be with the declaration of a real will just as it is in the Silent Revolution of Anatolia.

Namely the revolution is in making the deep difference between “those who cannot find rest and those who lose rest".

And on June 7, we will once more witness this difference.


If we say it in the spirit of French thinker Badiou's "Being and Event" approach, the Taksim attempt and parallel attempted coup d'état was not close to the “event" meaning “happening/incident"; but was closer to the “event" meaning “organization ."

That's why “both of those events" actually did not cause a split.

In this sense, HDP acting with those in Gezi and parallel superior mind represents a negative transformation , whereas the silent majority of Anatolia represents a positive resistance .

It is obvious that, in the transformation of the system the public called as “barrel head" have shown that they are wiser than those in Gezi and parallel literates .

Because Anatolian people have been behaving with common sense for centuries.

The public has a political mind, that's why it is changing the system without causing destruction.

Rather than like those in Gezi breaking a plate or glass they don't like, they are placing a more beautiful one instead.

In this way, they are making both the old meaningless and constructing the new without destroying it.

May those in Gezi and supporters of HDP understand better; let's conclude with a quotation from the literature that they are familiar with.

In Greek mythology, while stealing the fire from the dominants rebelling against the status quo, Prometheus scolds Hermes, the servant of Zeus: “ Just so you know; I do not change my bad destiny to your slavery in this world. It is better to be a slave for that rock rather than being a loyal slave servant for Zeus!"

Here the resistance culture of the Anatolian people turning June 7 into a glorious date is the inheritor of such willpower.


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