The US's 'BEEPING' project

After their “Islamic Iran” scenario in Iraq and Syria had been deciphered as a result of Turkey's determined attitude, the American administration activated their “Shi'ite Iran” strategy without wasting time.

Tehran, who sacrificed its gain over the “Islamic identity” and “West hostility” after the 1979 Revolution to its own passion, has now become a prisoner of the “becoming the other” tragedy.

No matter what they do, Tehran cannot influence Muslim communities, other than a Shi'ite minority.

Its hegemonic effect has been reset, and, their political and cultural dilemma is gradually deepening.

Because, whenever they pursue a sectarian policy they are taking the Sunni world on, and whenever they act with Pharisee reflexes they are taking the Shi'ite world on.

In this sense, that soft power strategy they boast with has now turned into a weak spot.


As the phrase goes; Iran, who has been drinking water from the well dug by the U.S. for the past 36 years, is now trying to keep its head above water in order to avoid drowning in that same well they fell into.

The Tehran administration, who abandoned the Big Devil (U.S.) and Little Devil (Israel) politics, is now fighting against the Gulf countries, which Khomeini refers to as “Tiny Devils”, under the lead of Riyadh in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

The Pharisees, who are acting together with the U.S. rather than Pashtuns in Afghanistan, are blatantly supporting the sectarian civil war in Iraq and Assad's ethnicity cleaning in Syria.

So much that, we are now talking about an Iran that might even acknowledge Israel against Turkey.

Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Javad Zarif, had written to the NYT, or New York Times, on April 20th before his U.S. visit and with the following statement he had given the green light to Tel Aviv: “Regional cooperation requires respect towards all the countries' sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independency.”

Iran, who dug its axe against the Little Devil but declared war against the Sunni world, is also trying to get over the frustration of failing to hold on against the real-politic power axis led by Turkey.

Indeed, the U.S.'s project to take Afghanistan from Pakistan's area of influence, Iraq and Syria from Turkey's, Yemen from Saudi Arabia's and hand it over to Iran has backfired.


Because of its results, it had been revealed that the Iran Islam Revolution, which is the product of the “Eurasia rivalry” between the U.S. and Russia, has turned into an “imperialist project”.

Thanks to this project, the U.S. has reached the fresh blood it sought after Vietnam to fight against Russia. They destroyed Russia's plans to go down to the Indian ocean over Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia opened their lands to American troops due to the Shi'ite Iran threat.

Land and air bases had been established consecutively in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, and U.S. aircraft carriers had been positioned in the Persian Gulf. Thus, the energy delivery to Europe and China had been taken under control.

With the Carter Doctrine in January 23, 1980, the U.S. declared the energy region, ranging from the Caspian to the Aden Gulf, as it's “hegemony field” and regarded even the tiniest outer intervention as an excuse for war.

By establishing CENTCOM, the U.S. put its signature to five big wars, more than 20 military intervention and countless coups in the Middle East, including the Iraq-Iran war.

10 days before the war on September 22, 1980, the September 12th coup had been actualized under the lead of Kenan Evren, who lost his life yesterday, in Turkey.


In those years, the seeds of the parallel structures, which are directed at Turkey's independency today, had been planted under the name of fighting against communism.

Seeing that Damascus, London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Tehran and Washington are uniting on the same resentment against the New Turkey together with the organization's leader in Pennsylvania, which is a one of the side projects of the Iran Revolution, it shows us the depth of this evil strategy.

Thus, unavoidably, it reminds us of Cooke's “Imperialism is something that is organized and administered” statement.

Maybe the saddest part of the revolution is the transformation of turning the Arab-Israel wars into a changing Israel-Palestine issue.

Israel, who didn't forget about this historical service of Iran, paid its debt by attacking Iraq's Osirak nuclear plant in June 7, 1981.

After that, Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, and started the process which paved the way for the Iran-supporter Hezbollah to grow up and become the single sovereign in the country.

After all, it had been revealed that Israel had provided every kind of weapon required in the war by Tehran.


The most crucial point of the imperial project related with Islamic Iran is the Kurdish issue.

Heaven knows why, while the Kurds in Turkey and Iraq, who are the friends of the West, are being encouraged for a riot, “Israel, Europe and the U.S.” never spare a “rebel fund” towards the Kurds in Iran and Syria, who are the enemies of the West.

The U.S., who is transforming the human rights and democracy expression into a military justification, has never used this trump card against the Shi'ite Persian state.

The Western world, which separated Sunni Arabs in the Middle East into 24 states, is now supporting the huge existence of Shi'ite Iran by also presenting Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon on a golden plate.


Against Turkey, who became a hegemony in its region by collapsing this imperialist strategy due to the alliance it formed with the Kurds and İhvan, the U.S. activated the “Great Iran Project” in the geography extending from the Caspian to the Aden Gulf, instead of the functionless “Great Israel” and “Islamic Iran” projects.

The U.S. tried the same thing with the Great Middle East Project over Turkey after the Iraq invasion in 2003; however, Ankara refused to obey to chaos.

Ankara has shaken Iran's, who is acting in synchrony with Washington and Tel Aviv, balance with the 50-year long strategic agreement it signed with Arbil. With this set off, Turkey declared that it won't be abandoning the Sunni and Kurdish regions in Iraq and Syria to Tehran. Thus, the Kurds, who had been cornered within the Shi'ite Crescent in the Beirut-Damascus-Baghdad axis, had been taken into Turkey's area of influence.

Especially Erdoğan's emphasis that Iran's regional expansion will not be permitted any longer caused a “cold shower” effect on Tehran.

After Turkey announced its strategic support towards the Sunni axis, which is formed of Gulf countries, the balances in the Middle East started to the change to the detriment of Iran.

The Assad chain is at the verge of breaking.

The cornered Tehran returned to ideological expression once again; while they are accusing Riyadh and Turkey, they are also prating about the Persian Empire.


If the Arab Spring continued, the Islam world was going to be united under Turkey's leadership. With the interventions and sabotages, the Arab Spring was transformed into an element of a new conflict within the Sunni world.

However, they couldn't restrain Turkey. At the point arrived, the U.S. also wrapped itself around the rhetoric like Tehran.

They changed the “classic malice axis”, which formed of Iraq, Iran and North Korea, with the made-up “authoritarian malice axis” formed of Russia, China and Turkey.

However, is there any country other than the U.S., who doesn't stop at international limits and laws, and Israel, whose borders are not known in reality, that is more authoritative?

In truth, it's not surprising to see the U.S., who believes that they are the privileged nation of the UN, and Israel, who is “God's chosen nation”, duo to meet with Iran, who identifies itself as the “chosen blade of Shi'ism”, at the same frequency.

The crazy thing here is to expect success from this “imperial eschatology”.

Thus, they cannot find the malfunction of the project, which is “beeping” during its release phase.

When you ask the experts, this is the only thing they say with a Machiavellist expression; it's contradiction with timing!


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