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The collapse of real-capitalism

Despite the nuclear agreement reached between the Western world and Iran, every tragedy happening on the crisis line, which extends from Ukraine to Yemen and Nigeria, Libya to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, is showing us the “nature”- in other words, the “uselessness” - of the international system under the U.S.'s lead, without hiding anything.

Thus, in this post-American period, all the eyes on the world are focused on new models like; Turkey, Russia and China.

However, we need to state that unlike the assumptions, neither political nor martial factors are as important as these three countries, which attracted the attention of the global system, and became a center of inspiration for the rest of the world.

The essential factor is that these countries are acting with a “mutual socioeconomic vision” that is opposing the Western liberal understanding.


If we are to summarize it; the political stance presented by Beijing, Moscow and Ankara against the neo-liberal structure started shaking, not only the U.S.'s martial strategies, but also the 500-year-old Western capitalist system as a whole.

Because, the ones, who are administering the government (in other words the political community) in the EU and U.S., are the minority capitalist class, which are ruling the economic structure more than the people of those countries, and some interest lobbies.

However, the ones, who are administering the economy-politics in China, Russia and Turkey, are political leaders chosen by the public, rather than the capitalist that are controlled by foreign lobbies.

This new and autonomous politics style also ended the administration process of a couple of local capitalist, who are acting together with global lobbies.


For example; following the AK Party period, the personnel in the government, who are united with the nation, started ruling the economy, rather than the interests of a narrow group.

In China, a sort of state capitalism is being implemented due to the socialist structure.

In other words, it was almost impossible for the investment groups to penetrate the economy and the policies of the state through there.

The Communist Party of China is designating the politics related with economic decisions on behalf of the community.

In Russia, during the Boris Yeltsin period (10 July 1991 – 31 December 1999), Vladimir Putin ended the kleptocratic system (regime of thieves), which was formed by the oligarchic people under the control of Western finance circles, and saved his country's economy from the grasp of international Western networks.

Putin, who put the economy under the control of the state, helped Russia, who came close to a socio-cultural bankruptcy in the 1990s, get back on its feet in a couple of years.


The actual source of neo-liberal focuses' discomfort related with Turkey, China and Russia, is the alternative economic mechanisms activated by these countries, rather than different martial or political strategies.

Let's keep this in mind.

Also, let's remember!

In Turkey, which hit the bottom following the 2001 crisis, after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to power and stopped the happy minority, who ruled the economy, from looting the resources of the country; the nation started feeling happy again.

Because Erdoğan had taken on all kinds of risks in order to prevent the great efforts of the country to be consumed by internal and external barons.

At the present point, the politics, which challenges the liberal capitalist structure, and the developmental performances of the President of Turkey, Erdoğan, the President of Russia, Putin, and the President of China, Xi Jinping, rumpled the “economic magic” of the Western system that possessed a narcotic effect.

Thus, the “Western capitalist democracy” model is now losing legitimacy.

If we are to use a more technical saying; the system, referred to as the “global nomenclature/sovereignty of the distinguished” of a small oligarchic class that rules over all the administrative levels, is falling apart.


The illusion of covering the income inequality with political and judicial equality cannot find supporters anymore.

We have seen “how” the Anglo-Saxon world, which presented a free market image in the economy, turned into wild despots in freedom and democracy.

Communities had enough with paying the price of the national and globally-scaled crises caused by a couple of families that controlled the capital.

In a similar way, the period of marketing the capitalist democracy, which caused huge income and wealth differences between people, is over.

Today, the West's liberal values dropped anchor on racism.

The West's, whose socioeconomic crisis is also deepening as well as the intellectual crisis and which has no value to present to humanity, ideological production related with the future also collapsed.

The communal legitimacy vortex U.S., who lost its martial and conceptual supremacy, rolled up like the dictatorships in the Middle East, is gradually getting deeper.


Because it was revealed that the neo-liberal structure, which had been edited by the liberal Harvard gangs after the 80s, transformed into a cloaked pillaging mechanism.

Thus, the “the Western socio-capitalist system is insufficient and due to the internal contradiction this system harbors within itself, this system is deprived of the potential to be sufficient” thesis was confirmed.

These criticisms of thinkers, like Carl Marx (1818 – 1883) and Seyyid Kutup (1906 – 1966), directed at the Western bourgeois capitalism that “disregards the socio-cultural values” had turned into a slogan of anti-global activists from almost every segment.

The Greek Tragedy experienced by Europe is the most open, shocking and current proof of this.

In other words, after the fall of real-socialism, we are experiencing the collapse of real-capitalism in a sense.

The Western economic mechanism, which is assumed to be above ideologies, is fighting for its life.

Many people are relating the economic bottleneck, which the U.S. and EU are in, to the fiascos experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and the heavy financial bills caused by these wars.

However, the real reason is; the desire of Turkey, Russia and China to end the guardianship looting system of the West with the alternative politics those three countries pursue.

The reason is; they've taken the task of administering the economy from internal and external gangs, and put it under the control of the state and nation.


No matter what anyone says, the liberal capitalist world system had been formed by blood, war and seizure, not by consent.

The essence of the system is based on “power inequality and violence”, not “power equality”.

Since this balance has been broken, the architect of the system, the U.S., and their apostles are in a panic.

Behind every civil war, coup and regional conflict stirrings; this fear is located.

Following the crisis of capitalism, the post-colonial global structures, which are formulated as “nation states”, are disintegrating consecutively.

The neo-liberal “globalization 1.0” version, led by the U.S. and activated in the 1990s, had been exceeded already.

We are now in the “globalization 2.0” period, where the reciprocate dependencies and cultures cannot dominate each other.

The liberal hegemony, which declared the end of history, couldn't survive against Asia's ascension.

Despite the “war on terror” and chaos policies, Huntington's presumption didn't come true.

Instead of conflicts, civilizations started clashing each other and even started meeting.


In this new period, where the real-capitalism is experiencing a bottleneck, we are talking about a world without super powers.

There is an international system that is gradually becoming regionalized.

Unavoidably, the regression of the Atlantic Alliance has triggered powers in Asia and the Middle East, like China/Russia/Turkey and Iran, to come to the fore.

All the regional actors are re-arranging their hinterlands.

While the expansion of the U.S. and EU came to a halt, the influence areas of Russia in Eurasia, China in the Far East and Turkey in North Africa, the Middle East, Caucasus and Balkans, are gradually increasing.

In other words, the world, where the West is not sovereign, is gradually being shaped in flesh and bones.

Now, we are advancing to a future, where alternative structures like BRICS, the Asia Investment Bank and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have appeared against the IMF and NATO and which shake the global hegemony of the West.

Let's also not forget that; the best way to guess the future is to construct it.


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