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Israel and Tehran's common nightmare: President Erdoğan

The imperial superior mind, its tin soldiers; the Parallel Structure, PKK and Iran have lost the war they waged on Turkey since 2011.

They have tossed the sponge in too soon.

Their attempt to poison Turkey wasn't successful.

To be truthful, the superior mind was not very hopeful of the trio it set against Soviet Russia in the 1980s.

Because in a world, with China overtaking the global economic leadership and establishing its first overseas military base in Djibouti, Russia suffocating the U.S. lead Atlantic Alliance in Eurasia and Europe experiencing an economic downswing and tackling a migration wave, there is no need for structures left over from the Cold War Period.

They would either have to eliminate them with a good excuse or re-format them.

Yet, these actors used in all sorts of imperialist projects, for the past forty years by the Atlantic Alliance, were given one last chance.

In a sense, the degree of their functionalism was tested.

However, they were dysfunctional in terms of bringing the New Turkey and its leader Erdoğan to their knees.

They were unsuccessful.


Now, these three tin soldiers are being re-formatted.

While the process of converting PKK into PYD has started, the Parallel Structure is being transformed into a barley field from which national and liberal circles will feed.

Tehran's political formation is kindly being updated with the transformation of “The spiritual leader Ali Hamaney" into “The spiritual President."

We have witnessed how these three actors, with the order of the superior mind, have come together against Erdoğan, whilst once despising each other.

But Turkey's resistance has exposed this dirty alliance.

Erdoğan's actual victory was, him uncloaking Iran's “deception doctrine" which was identified with the trinity meaning the holy dissimulation.


Besides, it is in difficult times like these that the vital and constituent importance of; politics/political leaders over culture, history and tradition for this country is understood.

Because if culture, history, art and tradition are deprived of political founder wisdom, then it is no more than a folkloric factor.

As Aristotle says; the aftermath of a person, who cannot found his politics/ independence and does not have a say in shaping its own fate, is merely turning into an animal that can make sounds.

Yet, those whose intelligence is restricted to “worldly ambitions and greed" will not be able to move away from falling into the narcotic spell of the imperial mind who twists our political realities.

The saddest part is; intellectuals, politicians, media members and bureaucrats who were employed in the forefront of AK Party for years are being deceived by this conjuration.

And in fact, some of them are knowingly thirsty for this.

Unfortunately, most of them don't even realize that although they can choose to have a voice, they prefer to transform themselves into merely a being that can make noise.

As, those who have an intelligence that bases politics on culture, race, sects, geographical or social economic factors, instead of basing politics on independence, cannot comprehend the changing World.

You see, those minds who have been poisoned with Erdoğan hatred, cannot see our historical potential and instead look at the scenarios written by external powers through the glasses held by them, and therefore do not realize the political resistance in the blood of Anatolia which has led the Islamic world for 800 years.

It would a miracle, for those who analyze developments with their 'events glasses' on instead of looking through their 'concepts glasses', to actually climb over the show bars.

Thus, it is for this reason that their calculations and estimations have failed and will continue to fail.


Well then, we should perhaps explain the issue using the language this group (those whose life envisions are limited to their worldly interests) understands being; “through the window of events not concepts."

The political stance Turkey took against, the Parallel Structure, the PKK and the Great Iran Project (pushed onto the field by the imperial mind), caused the cards in the region to be reshuffled.

While the Parallel Structure and PKK are in the process of being eliminated, the Tehran regime was formatted under the name “nuclear agreement."

Losing its composure with Turkey's attitude, Iran left being a state aside, and started to act like a marginal organization.

While Iranian ministers have been posing in their military uniforms in Qandil showing their support to the PKK, their official media organizations are acting as a locomotive for a slander campaign against Turkey and Erdoğan.

Not to say the language and tone they use has outdistanced the Parallel, PKK and the German financed Doğan media group.


Enmity for the President is more than personal.

The main factor for Iran to press the button was Erdoğan saying, “We will not allow Iran to dominate the region." This statement has turned the gains the Persians have made in the last five years upside-down.

It isn't easy, acting with the confidence of the Persian Empire up until three months ago; Tehran's charisma has gone with the wind.

After the Gulf countries sided with Turkey and Iran lost its existence in Yemen and Syria, Iran is now backed into a tight corner.

Yemen was taken back from Iran after the Syrian opposition trapped Assad in the coastal region.

Iran's plan to control the Kurdish corridor that continues up to the Mediterranean fell apart after the U.S. agreed to give Aleppo to Turkey as part of the “secure zone".

Besides the Turkey, Qabani and Afrin cantons that are 50 kilometers wide and 120 kilometers deep and stretches up to Aleppo, the Bayır-Bucak region of Lazkiye is now under control via the Syrian oppositions.

By this, a new migration wave that was planned to hit Turkey through hampering Turkey's connection with Aleppo (the Arab world) by handing the region over to ISIS was disrupted, thus the Persian movement was prevented.

Plus, Prime Minister Davutoğlu had stated, “We will not allow the connection between Aleppo and Turkey to be disrupted," implying that if need be, a military intervention would happen.

Iran being prevented to exhibit its “by-pass" scenario on Barzani and North Iraq via the PKK, then lost the Palestine issue, that it had been using to cover up its relationship with Israel for years, to Turkey.

Besides the above, Tehran has lost its sleep as a result of; Taliban being re-invited to rule in Afghanistan which was dominated by the Persians, the developments in Lebanon that have staggered the power of Hezbollah and the new political structuring happening in Iraq.


Again taking refuge in Zionist discourse and the big demon America rhetoric, Tehran sees Erdoğan as the person ruining their plans.

Thus, for this reason, they have chosen him target reason.

If they eliminate the possibility of Erdoğan becoming president, then they can plan the game in the region and in global equilibriums.

We should not forget that; A Turkey which is deprived of political intelligence, despite having a rich culture and history, will never be a claimant actor in the region

We would merely be a folkloric country cherished, just as we were previously.

This picture alone shows why the system is raging at Erdoğan who has disrupted all plans oriented at Turkey.

Because, those who targeted Turkey know better than us, that Erdoğan is a founder element and has political intelligence.

Hence, making history as the peak of “diplomatic impertinence," Iran's official news agency, İRNA, clearly showed during its defamation broadcast that the greatest fear of Iran and its superior mind is “Erdoğan becoming president."

With its head in the clouds, according to IRNA's false remarks, no one in Turkey supports Erdoğan.

Those who have the least amount of national, political and historical dignity, even if only because of the Persian impertinence “We will not allow for you to be chosen president," should choose Erdoğan as the “president".

Thus, this way, the parallel's cherished country in the South will be given an answer.


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