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I have an objection to all 'Ciceros'!

In the 1930s, Britain invaded India, whose population is around 300 million people, with 60,000 soldiers, 90,000 businessmen/missionaries and 4,000 state officials.

For some reason, despite the gigantic disproportionate force, Indians couldn't keep up a resistance against the people who wanted to exploit their country.

In his book entitled “Culture and Imperialism”, Edward Said related the reason for “why Indians couldn't resist the enemies” to the fact that their administrators and intellectuals are “Orientalized”; in other words, for seeing the Brits as superiors.

Unfortunately, this “being Orientalized” trauma is progressed to further states in our country.

Some “Muslim writers”, who are acting as the West's voluntary soldiers, are defiantly attacking this country's President on behalf of the colonist mentality.


For example; Fehmi Koru, who almost turned into a “local orientalist” with his recent article, had humiliated the people, who voted for President Erdoğan, by referring to them as “non-Westernized poor people” and thus surpassed the Western media, which interpreted election results as “the new century's Selahaddin had been stopped”.

On top of that, he even started talking from a “lower” zawiya, or angle.

It's understood that the cultural and political identity crisis in Koru's (when translated, his name means grove) intellectual belonging had deepened considerably.

Otherwise, is it up to Him and the other “Western Grove Keepers” to question the legitimacy of Erdoğan, who received 52% votes of the nation?

If the Koru group and their “Kovgun” Vultures in the media didn't turn into local orientalists, then would they have put their signatures to an atrociousness like “Remove Erdoğan from Beştepe and imprison him to Çankaya” in a way that surpasses Israel, England and America?

Let's not forget; this colonist mentality is the “macro ideology” of the people who hate this country and nation.

As the people who gave their reins to this ideology mention, because of this reason all the road maps and resolution will only lead to Rome.

As Tanrıpınar says, “History will never imprison any nation." Instead, it judges that nation's intellectuals and administrators.”

In this sense, the last destination the Grove Keepers will reach will be the country of “Damat Ferit Pashas” and “Diyap Landlords”, who are branded as dull, stingy, rootless, faithless, insensitive and traitors: not the country of “Akifs”.


By supporting Erdoğan, this nation revealed the intentions of the local orientalists, who are broadcasting from the same frequency as the West.

In the West, the strategies, which are being activated in order to remove “Political Islam” from being an option and hope, are being symbolized with “Erdoğan enmity” today.

If Erdoğan didn't commit the “crime” of developing a Muslim country and turning it into a source of inspiration for the region and Islam world, he wouldn't have turned into a target board.

Because, Erdoğan, who is acting as the “black swan”, is spoiling the global scenarios of the people, who want to assimilate the Islam civilization with “terror” and eliminate it.

However, the Grove Keepers, Vultures, “Kovguns” and “Doğans”, who defected to Gülen's side, have seen no harm in carrying firewood to the furnace of the colonist mentality.

Only in exchange for a “sixpenny toil”.


In fact, the West's Mesiah-ist liberal language, which also includes the Grove Keepers, is dominant to the frame of the warring U.S., who is marketing itself as “the most developed religious country”, declared against the Islam world.

This Mesiah-ist expression, the Devil is always the Other.

He is irregular.

He is the source of chaos and fear.

They are the “Esmas” who are slaughtered while they are kotowing at Adeviyye.

They are the Palestinians who had their houses collapse on them.

They are the Taliban who are locked in cages.

They are the Rakhineans, who are exiled from their country.

They are the Iraqis who are stacked on top each other stark naked at Abu Ghraib prison like sandbags.

They are the Kurds who are poisoned like bugs in Aleppo.

They are the American Muslim youngsters who had been slaughtered in their homes.

They are the Eastern Turkistani who are living under Chinese torture.

They are the Circassians and Bosnians who are exposed to genocide in front of the eyes of the world.

They are the Native Americans who were led to extinction.

They are the Afro-Americans who had been shot in the back as they were taking bread home.

They are Morsi who is imprisoned to execution.

They are Erdoğan who is being accused of “dictatorship” despite winning in all the elections.


This s-tragedy is being created by the broken editing of the system, which became one of the gears of the Grove Keepers.

Because, the possessed financial, humane and political resources' distribution and delivery is unequal in both quality and quantity sense.

The sharing is being shaped according to power and strength, rather than requirement, as it had been in every period of history.

If we are to quote from Deleuze and Guattari; the Westerner individual, whose nature is based on “interest and benefit” had turned into an aggressive “fascist human”, who cannot tolerate the discrepancy of the Other, when it was united with the “paranoid personality” that requires stern collectivism, authority, stability and obedience”.

Nietzsche, who declared war on the Western individual that speaks about a certain part of the history and the certain region of the world, rightfully says, “The human is the residue of the past generations.”

Because the past, history, religion and culture of the human, who is being conceptualized by the Western liberal system, had been disregarded.

Those were replaced by the “individual” which they needed.

This is some kind of project to animalize the humanity.

Freud relates this heresy to the “uneasiness” in the culture of the Western individual.

Now, the West is putting this violence, which arose from their 400-year long traumatic culture, into practice through projects like; Huntington's “clash of civilizations”, Bush's “war against terror” and Merkel's “war of cultures”.


No matter what they do, the Western countries are still dealing with the political legitimacy crisis in the Muslim geography despite their existence which lasted over three centuries.

Without shame, they are attacking the legitimacy of Erdoğan, who received 52% of the nation's votes.

Actually, the legitimacy of mental abilities of those people, who are attempting to do this, should be questioned.

I believe that, because of this problematic approach, no consent can be reached with the Grove Keepers, who targeted Mr. President, and their Mesiah-ist masters.

As we have witnessed in the previous Egypt and Tunisia examples, any kind of attempt of cooperation will fail.

Let's not forget that the West deems “either invasion or guardianship regimes” proper for the rest of the world.

The developments in Cairo was the democra-Sisi of this cowboy civilization.

We have witnessed how the Western cowboys had turned notions like “human rights, democracy and freedom” into “war ideology”.

The Sisi coup proved İhvan, who are the grandchildren of the people that resisted against Napoleon as he invaded Egypt in 1798, right after 200 years.

The West will never give the Muslims the right to live, unless they are obliged to.

Even if you play it by the rules, even if you declare that you will be loyal to the agreement with Israel, even if you conduct elections; the colonial mind will refuse you and overthrow you when they have the chance.

The actual reason is the West's refusal to regard the Other as liberal and equal.

In case you use even the smallest initiative, the West will declare you as a “despot”.

While doing that, the West will violate the rules they set and pay no prices for that.

They won't see any immorality in doing that.

Because, that is their morality.


We need to keep this in our minds.

We are passing through a deep transformation process.

Let's not forget that; wherever there is a rooted transformation, there is an ongoing stern war.

Let's also not forget that; the ones, who are suffering the most, are the ones, who are obliged to get on with life.

Thus, I see some cunningness in all of the Ciceros' calling, “The worst peace is better than the most rightful war!”

Because I'm sure of one thing.

No matter what you do, you will never have the children of Rostow and Huntington accept the rightfulness of Erdoğan and the communal demand behind him!


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