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Despot West's geo-cultural bankruptcy

Brezinski, who was the advisor to U.S. President Carter between 1977 and 1981, was regarding the Islamic awakening in the recent years as a strategic risk. In 1990, when he was in Fukuyama, he also described Islam as a “focus” that threatens liberal values. As for the U.S.'s “chronic political treatise” Huntington, he presented his subconscious by saying, “For the West, the essential problem is not Islamic fundamentalism, but rather Islam itself” in 1980. While maintaining the same pathologic judgment in the 90s, Huntington was declaring that Islam would be in the center of the war that the West will attempt with other civilizations.

Thus, as they've said, after the 2000's, the U.S. chosen Islam as a target, instead of communism, and despite all the quibble strategic plans, the U.S. received unexpected blows. Washington, who was dreaming of staying as a single super power at the beginning of this century, became helpless enough to implement violence on its own community.


The “political rotting” statement used by the Westerners for third world countries, is now identified with the U.S. Many social scientists, including Fukuyama, are competing to report the archaism, oligarchic unwieldiness under the American administration and the sadistic monopoly formed through the lobbies of the business world, with the “reform reports” they consecutively write.

The most critical breakthrough was from Princeton. In the freshly concluded report; it is being emphasized that the U.S. is not a democracy but rather the politics is turning into an oligarchy that defends a couple of rich people more than the community and makes laws for them. It seems that the “new world”, where the police kill African Americans without being shy about it, is turning into a hell, not only for the Africans who were brought here with chains, but also for the white people exiled from Europe.


If we include the crises in Europe, we are face to face with a critical “West issue”. The U.S.'s and Europe's, who impose their values as universal rights, middle classes are becoming poor, industries are getting old, their towns are going bankrupt and their infrastructures are decaying. Countries are unable to finance the education system, their healthcare mechanisms are in a bind, and their politics had lost its operability. Communal layers are at the verge of a cultural and socio-economic depression.

As we can also observe in the crises, which break out due to the racism in Europe and the “state violence” towards the African Americans in the U.S., polarization and hopelessness are on the rise. Americans, whose dreams are turning into nightmares, now want to setup the game in Ohio, Detroit, Ferguson or Baltimore, rather than in Asia, Africa and the Middle East anymore.


Historian Goldman is distressed because of the devastation that the “Enlightened Europeans”, which are being administered by the dynasties' families, have imposed on their civilizations by declaring two world wars with their irrational motives. Indeed, the Westerners, who have been colonizing the world since 1492, paved the way for civilization disasters, cultural collapses, and formidable enslavements, annihilation of races and humanity crimes that will never be erased from memories. According to the March 2015 report of the board of doctors named PSR, only in the first 10 years of the “war against terror” that started on September20, 2001, one million three hundred thousand people died in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The losses in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Somali and other African countries in the last four years are not included in this report. But, when we add this on top; the outcome is more than two million. This picture is the indicator that the West, who is only feeding on blood and chaos, is at the end of the line, and they have nothing else to offer to the world.


Even the European Council is complaining about the regression in the democracy, human rights and the state of law mentality in European countries.

Though, half a century ago, Toynbee said, “Western imperialism united the globe; however, this doesn't guarantee that the West will be dominant forever”. American historian, Lasch, said, “Western civilization does not mean anything other than an organized domination reproach”, while Bell said, “The West is at a fork and is gradually becoming ordinary” in his book entitled “Capitalism's Cultural Contradictions”, and both of them pictured the crisis with their fixations.

As for the duo, economist Schumpeter and sociologist Veblen; they deciphered the strong political alliance between fascist tendencies and liberal imperialism at the beginning of the last century. Political scientist Hart was making the following fixation in 1955 in “Liberal Tradition in America”; “Politics is the captive of political elites and war lobbies. Western administrating coteries possess a fascist mentality rather than a democratic one.”


The U.S.'s, whose concepts are running out, legitimacy crisis, is also deepening. Fukuyama, Huntington and Brzezinski, who opened war against Islam, and the “modern political treatises” written by them are like the documents of the cultural misery. Political treatises of other civilizations, which have “ethics, justice and virtue” masterworks, are not different from the U.S.'s strategic books, which bless the dominance of one man over the other, and barrack bulletins.

Eflatun's “Republic”, Yusuf Has Hacib's “Kutadgu Bilig”, Aristo's “State”, Nizamülmülk's “Siyeru'l-mülk”, Hobbes' “Leviathan”, Maverdi's “Ahkamü's Sultaniye”, Beydeba's “Kelile ve Dimne”, Farabi's “Medinetü'l-Fazıla”, Firdevsi's “Şehname” and Kınalızade's “Ahlak-I Alai”… All these “political treatises” in the east and west are each eternal masterworks related with an ideal and fair community system.

Beydeba points to the following moral in a story; “In order for a person to find his/her own felicity, he/she needs to show respect to other people's felicity.” İbn-i Teymiyye says, “Humans are of a single kind. It's a cruelty when a person desires himself/herself to be superior to the others'”. Tusi describes despotic administrations as “medine-i cabbaran” in his book entitled “Ahlak-i Nasıri” and emphasizes that they won't be long-lasting.

Aristo's State is a rebuttal against the humanity crimes committed by his student Alexander the Great and the Macedonia Empire. Eflatun's Republic is a criticism towards the decayed state of Athens, which executed his teacher Socrates.


Now we can't even see a tiny bit of these moral callings in American political treatises. One of Obama's advisors, Slaughter is relating the U.S.'s tragedy to “defending the hollow liberal democracy”. In other words, no matter how virtuous the opinions, which don't serve the U.S.'s strategic objectives, are, he is advising the U.S. to abandon them.

Indeed, according to the Westerners, an action or idea is a reality if it only serves purposes. Thus, the West will warp every reality that doesn't suit their interest and label it with “terror, reactionism, despotism, dictatorship and primitiveness”, and call this “adaptation strategy/pragmatism”.


However, the West, which lost its power to warp realities and re-fictionalize them, is unable to keep up with the rhythm of history. The Western mind, which moved from strategy to history, community and culture, found itself in a broad conflict ocean since it couldn't do the contrary. Since it despised other communities' histories, it couldn't create another solution. The day has come when it has become the victim of this apocalypse it prepared.

As a matter of fact, the two strongest states of the world barely made it out of the wreckage of their “strategic arrogances”. As a twist of fate, the actor who actualized this victory, was one of the “poorest” countries in the world; Afghanistan. This valiant country destroyed both the powers and ideologies of the two super powers of the modern era; Russia and the U.S. First, they've defeated the USSR and removed “real-socialism” from the possibilities for the future (1989).

After twenty five years, the same Afghanistan retrogressed the U.S. and broke the spell of their capitalist and liberal ideology (2014).

This is the virtue that imprinted the time on history.


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