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Religious education

Recently I had given a presentation about “Women in Muslim countries and Turkey” to a group formed of priests predominantly, upon the invitation of a Turkish woman theologian living in Germany. The group, which invited me, had aroused my interest mor... more


We always brag about being a community that had established 17 states. And we like mentioning that; each state is the continuation of the one before it, it carries the inheritance of the previous one and that we are part of a chain in the circle of a... more


While reading an article entitled “In a town that had been devoted to the moon goddess”, which was written about the immigrants from Kobane, I couldn’t help but think about our alienation to the region and the people of the region and the popularity ... more

The convention card and the ace up the sleeve

With great attention, I have been watching the Charlie Rose interviews broadcasted on Bloomberg TV, which mirror the American foreign policy. Rather than the words of the guest speakers, the posed questions lay a better focus. Generally speaking, str... more

​While shaping our ideas

During the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and in the aftermath of Iran’s Islamic revolution, the first plan of the US policy in taking control of the region was to reinforce the Sunni Muslim groups. The religious groups were strengthened with the ji... more

To study theology at the Goethe Institute

How is the education of theology pursued in German? What happens if Islamic theology is studied and lectured with a quite analytic language of philosophy like German? Personally speaking, I have not studied languages or semantics. However, these we... more

Farewell and Loyalty

The old people said, "Let everyone settle down so that peace may come." I am wishing a slowly changing peaceful climate for our country. New Turkey I am somewhat obsessed with this term. I believe the questions "which new and whose new" to be well an... more

Time for politics....

After witnessing a person, who hails from the pre-1980s friendship circle, being nominated as the AK Party Chairman and Prime Minister candidate, we all have separate comments on this matter. I"m an individual who believes in the change of guards in ... more

Doing what you condemn

I have recently seen the election campaign posters belonging to Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, one of the presidential candidates. As a communication professional, certain elements have taken my notice. One of these elements was the chosen background color, ... more

Impressions on the roof candidate"s debut

I''ve watched Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu from the eye of a broadcaster and took all of the requirements of political communication into account. Following are my impressions related to the live broadcast...1- His voice is low and flat. His sentences are sm... more

CHP"s test with the religion

Thinking about its initial years and the global conjecture back then, it was relatively more convenient for the founder party of the republic CHP to apply a model of a country deprived of religious life and symbols. There were times when people wer... more

Producing an enemy

The best thing that the Republic"s founding ideology has done was to produce "an enemy". This method as a means of what the militarist ideology appeals to restore the system is applied in every period. In the initial years, we grew up with the notio... more

Sufferers and audience of pain

I am asking God Almighty to bless with his mercy the martyrs of the mine, give their relatives patience, and cure the injured.We have seen the huge gap again between those who are suffering the pain and those who are watching it in the incident of So... more


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