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Problems big for refugees , but small for Europe...

On the average 4,000 people are known to be waiting to go to Europe in Mytilene now. Most of them passed through on boats from Turkey. On average, six boats carrying 50 people approach Mytilene every day. This year there are 100 dead and more than 3,... more


The chair of the far-right party, Geert Wilders, speaking at the Dutch Parliament Wednesday, while criticizing the government based on an email, used the word "ondankbaar," meaning pertness/ungratefulness/ingratitude, to refer to the Syrian refugees.... more

Saudi Arabia and the Hajj accident

The accident that happened in Saudi Arabia has led to discussions on the organization, besides the grief it has caused. Organizing and positioning close to 2 million people from different cultures and one hundred different geographies who share the s... more

When listening to the Kurds ...

“AK Party is a real security in preventing the division of Turkey. However, a practicing believer must be just, and this is what the religious Kurds expect. Every one of us expects this from those ruling AK Party.” Recently we had a conversation with... more

“Kurdish Politics want to stock violence in its toolbox”

I had read this statement among the Wikileaks documents. While reading these documents, one of the detections that drew my attention was that the names in the Kurdish Political movement avoided cursing the PKK.Today, we see the same thing in the Turk... more

Speaking like the Christian fundamentalists...

As a country, we like short-term small objectives and moves. Our emotions and knowledge are both momentary. Thus, our language and memory feel like they've experienced aphasia. Our records are just like short notes that don't include continuity. The ... more

The architect of peace in Turkey

I'm not someone who finds HDP's political language cute or even sympathetic. As a conservative, it's not possible for their expression to address me. However, I didn't expect to encounter a language so full of denial and disregard. Maybe if I didn't ... more

Sharia court in Britain…

Last week, a news article in The Telegraph newspaper revealed that the war against extremism started by the country in 2008, by employing local units at the national level, had reached a new phase. The government is making preparations for a new draf... more

From 100 years ago, to today

April 24 had turned out to be the conclusion and the beginning of many incidents. It is impossible to evaluate this period, -which lacks the sufficient components to make interpretations by itself- by disregarding the background independent from the ... more

Takuhi's Halva and Conscience

The rise of right-wing parties in Europe, finding significant room in the European Parliament (EP), and the rise of Europe's right-wing through opposition to Islam closely affect the continent's policies as well as its decisions and comments regardin... more

“No votes to wolves, birds and bees”

Right after being established, AK Party started their election rallies. While establishing organizations on one hand, they were making rally preparations on the other. Every rally was actualized with feelings of thrill-prayer and gratitude, and every... more

Do we know the Sects/Region/Movements?

“The report of the committee, which had been investigating the condition of children’s rights in Iraq since 1998, is bringing forth a “Child abuse knows no sects” illation. The report prepared by the UN is speaking of mentally deficient children, who... more


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