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The new system and economy

We know why the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) says “no” to the constitutional amendment. They have “legitimate” reasons according to themselves: If “yes” is the outcome of the referendum, then the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and PKK terrorism will come to an end.

The main opposition Republican People's Party's (CHP) situation is a little different. The CHP has been saying “no” to everything that is beneficial for Turkey after it was brought down from power in 1950. It says “no” as a reflex to every new idea, reform and change and then creates its own reasons.

As a traditional reflex, the CHP announced that it was against the constitutional amendment since it was brought to the agenda. What could their reasons be? The CHP hasn't given a single valid or true reason as to why it opposes the new system. All the reasons the CHP has put forward for its “no” stance consist of inept worries, unnecessary fears, fabrications, lies and superstitions.

Darkness prevails only until the sunrise. When the truth starts to come out, the lies try to find a way to disappear.

While the CHP tried to make society suspicious with its rotten excuses, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) was getting ready to explain the constitutional amendment package to the nation. The preparations are finally complete. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım will be introducing the campaign in Ankara on Saturday. From Saturday onwards, with all its organizations, the AK Party will be on the ground with all its materials to explain the planned change. The partial blur created by the CHP will be eliminated, questions will be answered one by one and all hesitations and apprehensions will be cleared.

It will change the system and the way politics and the state runs in Turkey from the root. There are hundreds of reasons to say “yes” to the 18-article change that will ensure Turkey jumps class. But the most important of these reasons, the reason that will be accepted by 100 percent of the country, the reason they will all be convinced by is the change in economy.

Whether it is the holders of hot cash or local or foreign investors, the first thing looked at when leaning toward a country is stability. Investors avoid countries that have an environment of instability and uncertainty. No matter how convenient the other conditions are, the investor will not enter a country that will not serve their interests.

When the AK Party came to power in 2002, there was hesitation toward its stability and economic policies. The principles of determination, financial discipline, keeping away from election economy helped clear these hesitations.

The private investment rate moved from TL 43 billion in 2002 to TL 152 billion in 2007. The borrowing interest rate decreased from 63 percent to 18 percent. While Turkey could borrow with an average of 9.4 maturity rate in 2002, it could borrow with 34 months maturity in 2007.

The AK Party achieving victory in the 2007 elections, overcoming the presidential crisis and forecasting that stability would continue until 2011 and led the economy to flourish further. Despite the 2008 global crisis, private sector investments increased to TL 234 billion in 2011 and the interest rate dropped to 8.7 percent. Borrowing maturity increased to 45 months.

In 2011, the AK Party achieved victory once again. The economy continued to grow. Private sector investments increased to TL 250 billion in May 2013, while borrowing maturity increased to 74 months. The interest rate broke a record by dropping below 7 percent. IMF debts were paid and international investments were accelerated.

The Gezi incidents had a great impact on stability, thus on the economy too. This was followed by the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 and the July 15 coup attempts, which targeted the national will and the economy together.

The AK Party will protect stability and it will continue to do so. However, it is struggling to eliminate the uncertainty that has been bothering the economy for decades.

The night the election for the new system takes place, we will know who will be managing the country for the upcoming five years. We, as citizens, will see our future and so too will the investors. Economic policies will be known. The investor will be able to estimate the risks and opportunities that will arise in the next five years.

Government changes will not shake the economy. The stability of the country will reflect onto politics too. Even if governments change, they will know which economic policies to follow.

The formula is very easy: In a stable country, both local and foreign investors invest. Investment helps the economy grow, the amount of bread on a table increases, the amount of money in our pocket increases and prices rise. Investment increases employment rates and decreases unemployment.

The most important reason for poverty, unemployment, unfairness in income distribution and economic fluctuations was the change of government every 16 months until the AK Party came into the picture.

The AK Party's struggle is to ensure that the stability it established remains permanent.

Not only will those who voted “yes” win when the April 16 constitutional amendment package goes through, but so will the economy, which means the 80 million people will too.


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