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Are you undecided?

My generation's childhood and youth were quite tough. According to our parents and grandparents, their lives were also very tough. We experienced the worst of poverty. We witnessed anarchy before the Sept. 12 period and experienced afterwards the oppression the Sept. 12 military brought with it. We were treated badly in schools, buses, government offices, hospitals and military bases because we were from the country; because we lived in the slums; because we were poor, conservative and religious. Poverty was not our only problem; they continuously attacked our values, beliefs and what we consider sacred. They excluded us from notions such as rights, law, freedom, justice and equality. They could not tolerate our ideas, politics and our way of life.

Oh yes, we are playing for sympathy aren't we? Because we repeatedly witnessed that this vicious cycle was repeated over and over again. Just as everything was going well, right when we saw freedom and justice coming, just when our hopes had risen, we went back to square one and experienced disappointment over and over again.

You wouldn't understand the bitterness that overtook me when I said farewell to my family and left home on the night of July 15, 2016. A coup again? Are we back to square one again? Is the vicious cycle taking place again? Will our children experience what we, what our fathers and grandfathers experienced? Today a coup takes place. Will another take place in 10, 20 or 30 years' time? Will this cycle continue perpetually?

Besides, it was the supporters of the Fetullah Gülen-led Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) that staged the coup. The FETÖ members who hated Muslims to win the favor of the infidel. Maybe nothing will start again. Maybe all traces of Islam will be wiped out of this region.

We said, “We will die tonight, but we will not allow this vicious cycle to complete itself." God did not grant us martyrdom, but for the sake of our martyrs, God did allow us to punch this steel cycle with a blessed fist.

This is not enough; we have to break this vicious cycle. We have to break this vicious cycle into pieces on April 16. We have to secure our gains, our rights, our law and justice, our freedom and Islam in this region.

Are you still indecisive? Are you angry with a mayor, a representative a parliamentarian? Were you hurt by a parasite? Are you offended? Are you hurt? Are you anxious? Worried? Hesitant?

Conjure up the mental picture of former President Adnan Menderes at the gallows; as it isn't Menderes who is at the gallows, but you.

Think of Necmettin Erbakan who sweat bullets at the National Security Council on Feb. 28; it wasn't Erbakan who was sweating there, it was you.

Think of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who was sent to the Pınarhisar Prison; it wasn't him who was walking to conviction, it was you.

Think of the oppressed hijabi girls in front of universities. Think of those who were outcasted or fired from their jobs because they went to imam-hatip religious vocational schools. Think of those whose villages were burned down, whose languages were forbidden from use, whose existence was denied. Think of the never ending poverty and colonization. Think of the mothers who did not want to let go of their martyred children, who lost their children to betrayal and international intrigues.

Think of the tyrants who were happy on the night of July 15, those who became hopeful, and those who were waiting to see you at the gallows. Think of the faces of those tyrants who fed on the blood of Muslims. Think of those who want the vicious cycle to start again, those who want to put away all liberties and those who want to push you aside again.

You are not voting for a political party. You will be voting for yourselves, your children and your future. You will say “yes" on Sunday and put an end to this vicious cycle. You will end this vicious cycle.

Leave your indecisiveness, your resentments, your disappointments, your objections, your criticisms and your revolt aside on Sunday morning.

Even if you are very stubborn, leave everything aside until you come home from the ballot box.

Turn the knife in your wounds.

Put a Band-Aid on your wounds.

Put aside the questions, the rumors and the gossip for a few hours.

April 16 is your day, not anyone else's. You will change the course of history that day. You will rewrite history that day. You will say “yes" to yourself, to your future.

You will affix a single seal, but you will be proud enough to say “I made history" to your children and grandchildren. Don't blow it.

Come on, don't find excuses; go to the ballot box for the sake of the heroes who went through this struggle shoulder-to-shoulder. Stamp the “yes" seal as if you were Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, as is you were breaking down the doors of the broken-down era.


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