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Utmost attention required in the struggle with autonomous structuring

In 2013, an incident, which is uncommon and would go down in the literature of political science, had been experienced in Turkey. The reason why the Westerners failed to or had difficulty in completely understanding this case, was the fact that such cases are not encountered in consistent democracies and developing democracies. Political science and also the Western countries are not unaware of the coup d’etats. A coup d’etat, in it’s classical meaning is; the capture of a political administration and rulership by the armed forces (in other words, the military) through usage of violence, completely or partially. There are countries like Thailand and Pakistan, who are world champions in being the stage for coup d’etats. Turkey is not so bad in this matter also (!); in it’s history, Turkey had many coup d’etats and coup attempts. However, I guess that the attempting we all witnessed on December 17th, 2013, was quite exceptional. In that incident, an autonomous structuring law, in which the police served as the operational power, and the lawyers within that structuring, attempted to accommodate the political environment by means of using corruption claims as a cover. Since nobody witnessed such a thing before, many people failed to completely understand this. The Erdoğan hatred in some people, also prevented them from seeing the truth.

Fortunately, this attempting had been repelled and now we are advancing on the path to bring the responsible persons to account. This matter of “bringing them to account” and dispersing the autonomous structuring is not only necessary from the point of our democracy’s future, but also from the point of communal order and justice. Otherwise, we cannot keep the open community and democracy alive.If the December 17th style becomes a method in politics, then, rather than the open political competition between the over political parties, the conflict between the groups, which are formed within the government, will become the way to designate the rulership. And allegiance towards these groups will turn the social order into the federation of gangs.

As I’ve previously pointed out, there are communal, political, executive and judiciary aspects of the struggle against autonomous structuring. The hardest one is the judiciary struggle. Because, the autonomous structuring, which wants to control the mentality of the law and the operational style on one hand and to steal the minaret on the other, has shown maximum attention and care in covering up their activities. Despite this, judiciary processes are advancing. Cases are being opened and they are continuing. Continuously, new information and documents are being revealed.

While continuing the judiciary struggle with the autonomous structuring, we should be really careful. The mistakes in the Ergenekon and Balyoz (Sledgehammer) cases should not be repeated. We should act on concrete judiciary platforms. If not, the struggle will have a hard time reaching success and create many side problems. Trials shouldn’t be conducted in an intention-reading and mentality-proceeding fashion. Actions should be tried in court, not the mentalities. A person’s membership in a congregation, which is buried within the autonomous structuring and exploiting it, does not represent a crime.

What should be sided against is, not all the congregation members, but the ones, who stay within that autonomous structuring and committing crimes. Those people should be pacificated, and if they have the possibility of not being mixed up in the crime, then they should be put on trial. For example, the ones, who had wiretapped hundreds of thousands of people through illegal or arranged rulings, the ones, who made operations on MIT lorries, and the ones, who placed bugging devices in the Prime Minister’s house and office, should be tried in court. All the prosecutors, police chiefs, police officers and military officers, who were active in the above tasks, should be tried. However, nobody should stand trial just because of their membership to the congregation.

In such periods, there maybe some things that are done in order to stir up trouble and confuse the minds. For example, the members of the autonomous structuring, which has the possibility of encountering administrative actions, may release some rumors that the people, who have no relation with all this, are a part of the autonomous structuring in order to misdirect and hide themselves. Thus, it will make the administrative actions hard or cause those precautions to harm unrelated people.

On the other hand, it might try to liquidate some people they dislike and some rivals, who are pursuing their own objectives or enmities, by accusing them of being a member of the autonomous structuring. Even the journalist, who are acting with good intentions, become an instrument to this. An example of this was performed by Sevilay Yükselir, a journalist in Sabah newspaper, just the other day. Without verifying and confirming some information that was given to her, she claimed that there is a congregation dominance in Uşak University. I have been regularly going to this university for the past four years. In that period, I have never encountered a situation that points towards that direction. On the contrary, as far as I know and witnessed, the Uşak University administration is paying great attention to avoid excluding any communal group from the university, and at the same time, prevent any secular or religious group from feeling like they are the owners/masters of the University.

In order to avoid being sacrificed to such mistakes, there are some matters that should be taken into consideration. As I have stated earlier, not making intention-readings and not attempting to examine mentalities are on the top of that list. Besides, these types of news and information, which are being sent from anywhere, should be cross-checked; the individual(s) or institution(s) that are being accused should be conversed, and they should be given the opportunity to make an explanation. Otherwise, the attempts, which started with good intentions, may contribute to the contrary of what was targeted and harm innocent people.


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