Is it the Gezi spirit in CHP or the CHP spirit in Gezi? - ATILLA YAYLA

Is it the Gezi spirit in CHP or the CHP spirit in Gezi?

CHP has carried out primary elections in some provinces in order to designate their parliamentarian candidates for the June 7th elections. I'd like to say that this is a praiseworthy attempt from the point of democracy and congratulate the party. The results of the primary elections, where there were also some surprises, had become subject for many different comments. Some commentators, who know CHP the best, stated that the ones who invaded severe positions rather than moderate ones had become prominent. As for the CHP sympathizer press; they presented the primary elections as a democracy banquet and the results as the power of the CHP voter base. They knew no limits in some exaggerations and written enthusiastic sentences, as if CHP had won the general elections.

There were also other comments. A CHP proponent newspaper had used the “Gezi spirit in CHP” headline for the primary elections. According to the news of the newspaper in question, most of the presumptive nominees, who had been successful in the primary elections, had actively participated in the Gezi incidents and taken place in the front lines. According to them this was equal to Gezi spirit's influence on CHP, and, this spirit would be carrying CHP to victory in the forthcoming elections.

Are we really face to face with a new situation? Is there something called Gezi spirit? If there is, then what are the qualities of it? Is this spirit influencing CHP? If so, then what results will the Gezi spirit pave the way from the point of CHP and the forthcoming general elections?

There was an organic relation between Gezi and CHP since the beginning. The surveys during the incidents and the information revealed afterwards had shown/and shows us that the majority of the Gezi folk had been on the CHP line. Thus, it's futile to speak of CHP spirit and Gezi spirit as two different things. Please remember, on the day the incidents broke loose, CHP had a rally in Kadıköy. Party administration canceled the rally and directed thousands of people gathered there toward Taksim. On the following days, CHP members stayed in the squares and represented the spine of the Gezi community. The most active ones in Gezi components were either a CHP member, voter or sympathizer. For example, the members of the Taksim Unity is fitting this description. This also is not a new situation, it has a history. Some people, who were not CHP supporters/members at the beginning of the incidents but developed a sympathy towards Gezi immediately or in time, including some people I know, are advancing on the way to becoming CHP supporters.

In the social and political life, things that can be called “spirit” (mentality, stance, or whatever) won't be formed suddenly or after a single incident. They usually possess a history and will become evident through the accumulation of incidents and ideas. Thus, as I had stated on the fourth day of the incidents at a television program, nobody should hallucinate, there is no such thing as Gezi spirit. This is only the illusion of the ones who bless Gezi. However, there is a historic CHP spirit, which is old with it's inventions and is chronically sick. If the point in question is about one of them giving spirit to the other, then CHP is more advantaged. Thus, the nonexistent Gezi spirit did not influence CHP; on the contrary, the CHP spirit was dominant in most places of Gezi.

Even if there is a Gezi spirit, how it would become the source of the good and success, is dubious. Objecting to something is easy; however doing it is difficult, moreover, really difficult. CHP's past is full of vandalism rather than constructiveness. If there is a Gezi spirit, then what will it change in CHP and how? What will CHP give up in the things it did in the past, and for what reason? How will it emerge as a democracy out of Gezi, which is based on refusing democratic legitimacy and democratic rules of procedure as of it's bigger picture?

For example, if there had been groups or masses, which would be invading the Gezi Park and Taksim for having Artillery Barracks built in Taksim, during their rulership, how would CHP spirit react to them?

There is also another matter, and, the ones praising Gezi are almost disregarding it. If politics are to be progressed through spirits, then it's not like the Gezi spirit is the only spirit in the country. Or, based on their monopolist mentality, does CHP think that they formed a monopoly on that matter also? There are also other spirits and to be ill fortune of Gezi supporters and CHP, the bulk of these spirits are against CHP and the Gezi riot. I guess that the percentage of the masses, which these spirits can influence and mobilize, is close to %70 in terms of population. As CHP and others emphasize the Gezi spirit, other spirits might also be mobilized. Thus, CHP should leave aside spirits and work on forming a proper election declaration, and, forming personnel from names, who can form bonds with wide community segments, are really democrats and refuse a single party dictatorship mentality. Otherwise, an early warning from me; they will have hard time in the elections.


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