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Is the bureaucratic tutelage over?

All the political scientists and constitutional law specialists unanimously agree that after the 1960 coup in Turkey, a bureaucratic tutelage system was established in Turkey. The only difference among these people is not the nature of the matter, bu... more

Kurds and liberal ideas

Kurds are indisputably the most victimized group in Turkish society. The implication of Kurds as single individuals or groups in certain violent activities does not change this fact. The condemnation of violence or its alienation cannot overshadow t... more

Parameters of the Presidential Elections

Turkey"s governmental system is not a presidential or semi-presidential system; rather it is the parliamentary system. The motherland of the presidential system is the USA, the semi-presidential system"s is France and parliamentary system"s is the Un... more

As the Peace-Resolution process rejoins the legal basics

I"ve written over and over again that the Kurdish issue is the most important problem in Turkey. I state this because of these following reasons: 1. This issue has caused a great loss of lives 2. It has been continuing grossly over 30 years 3. It ha... more

Turkey in the equation of Kurdish problem and the Middle East

The recent developments helped us understand and give a meaning to the incidents we have witnessed in Turkey since the beginning of 2012, and also started to have more contribution. Where we stand today I guess it would not be seen as an exaggeration... more

What"s left for the future from Gezi Protests?

The first year of the Gezi Revolts is left behind. The first anniversary remembrance of the Gezi events wasn''t so bright neither as it was feared by the political authority nor as it was expected by the people who praised the revolts, following the ... more


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