Would Turkey occupy Europe? - ATILLA YAYLA

Would Turkey occupy Europe?

Europe is in a hurry, even in a panic. The reason for that is, as the European countries officially say, the refugee crisis. While Europe is making this definition, with its egocentrism as usual, it is underlining the problem it faces, rather than the tragedy the refugees experience.

If these miserable people did not knock at their door, they wouldn't take care of what was happening. But, this is not possible. The refugees whose number is increasing day by day are going through the European countries.

The civil war in Syria is shown as the main reason of the last human flow. That's true. Europe thought that the crises that would occur in the Middle East, in the leadership of the USA, would never reach them or would never reach a dimension that would cause trouble to them. However it was impossible.

Forget about our contemporary world that is integrated in communication and transportation, if something like this happened two hundred years ago, Europe would face the same waves of immigration. The Western world made big mistakes on the Syrian issue. Rapidly overthrowing a bloody dictator who has been murdering his people would considerably prevent the wave of migration today. But the West deceived Turkey on this issue.

They broke the negotiation to overthrow the Assad regime rapidly and they began to waste time. If the Assad regime could be overthrown within a few months, a civil war would not begin, even if a civil war began, it wouldn't be destructive like this at all. There would be a more participatory regime and millions of people would not have to leave their countries.

The carelessness, shortsightedness and hypocrisy of the west inflicted the initial and largest damages to the neighboring countries among which Turkey also took the place. At this point, the results affected the West inevitably.

Actually, what Turkey should do is open the way for the refugees to go to Europe. Why should Turkey carry the heaviest burden of this problem? We have been sheltering 2.5 million refugees. We have been spending billions of US dollars. This is our humanitarian and civilizational duty. The west did not show any serious effort to share these burdens. But they have been quite keen on loading all the responsibilities and burdens on Turkey and question Turkey, like a patron.

In spite of the refugee crisis that has been heavier, the west is incorrigible. With the effect of the ISIL nuisance, they have been supporting the extensions of the outlawed PKK directly or indirectly; therefore they have been supporting the PKK indirectly.

They have been distinguishing the acts of violence as the religiously-motivated and non-religiously motivated. As they have been strongly and furiously opposing the terror for religious reasons/aims, they have also been showing sympathy to the terror with secular motivation. They have even been embracing those who make terrorism their ally.

They have the ambition to use Turkey as a subcontractor in their own fight against ISIL. This is one of the important reasons of the systematic defamation campaigns against the AK Party and Erdoğan in the Western countries.

They are unconcerned such that, in order to inactivate Turkey, they seem crazed that they even don't care about the separation of our country, even if it becomes like Syria.

But, I want to remind them of something. Even though it is a distant possibility, if Turkey becomes like Syria, this would result with backdating Turkey's invading Europe and, as I recently wrote, the darkening of Europe. The emergence of a similar situation in Syria carries every little or big problem to Europe. At least 30 million Turkish people then take to the road for Europe. Some places of Europe are inevitably invaded by Turks. Also, when Turkey doesn't become a barrage anymore, the populations pouring out in the south can easily and rapidly flow into Europe.

The Europe and the West should left aside their egocentrism and hypocrisy now. They should get ready for a more fair and balanced world order. They should consider that one of the results of the separatist and destructive steps they would take against Turkey would be the invasion of some regions of Europe by the people living in Turkey. And they should do all these before it is too late.


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