The need to pay attention and take care of the struggle against the autonomous structure - ATILLA YAYLA

The need to pay attention and take care of the struggle against the autonomous structure

As I have written a few times earlier, it's necessary to fight against the autonomous structure nested within the Gülen organization.

This is neither the AK Party's nor Erdoğan's issue, but the vital issue of all in Turkey. If this struggle cannot be maintained successfully and autonomous structure isn't inactivated, Turkey will be damaged from each aspect, and cannot go on its way to be a civilized country. The democracy of a Turkey which cannot eliminate the autonomous structure cannot stand. It then sacrifices the democratic politics to the bureaucraticdomination.

The legal security of the citizens which has already been weak will not exist anymore.

A security and judgment bureaucracy under the control of the autonomous structure will completely annihilate the dominance of law which has yet been in its development stage.

That's why it is a must for the Turkish democracy and the state of law to struggle against the autonomous structure.

Besides this, there are points to be careful about in the struggle against the autonomous structure. Negligence of this can cause serious mistakes.

It deals a blow to the legitimacy of the struggle against the autonomous structure and inevitably damages this struggle and interrupts it.

That's why, the struggle should not be carried out at all costs and with every way and method, but the struggle should be within the rules of the universal law and through the incidents of concrete crime.

The crime shouldn't be generalized; concession shouldn't be made to the principle of individual crime. Care should be taken not to judge the intention and mentality, sympathy and emotional closeness.

There should be no execution without judgment. Those charged with an offence are considered innocent until proved guilty of the offence, namely the presumption of innocence should be respected.

If we speak more concretely, not the abstract attitudes or feelings, intentions or wishes, but the doers of concrete acts as stealing the questions of KPSS exam (Public Personnel Selection Examination) and serving it to their close environment, wire-tapping the people illegally or wire-tapping with disguised processes, violating the confidentiality of private life, plotting against some groups in the society showing them as if they are the members of a secret organization and imprisoning them, producing false evidence, turning off the cameras, preventing the “mobese" (mobile electronic system integration) system to record the acts of crime, stopping the trucks of MIT (National Intelligence Organization) and harassing its staff should be judged.

We witness some situations which will cause some suspicion about not following these general principles and procedures to struggle against the autonomous structure.

For example, raids on some companies. It won't be fair to raid some companies only based on a suspicion or the owners' sympathy for Gülen. This damages the property right and freedom of enterprise. And also, these companies are eventually Turkey's assets. Every detriment given to them will damage Turkey as well. That's why, definitely strong cues and proofs should be searched, and instead of subjecting the entire companies to the law, the related people should be the object.

The same thing should be said for the raids on the press organs. Media organs should be taken under collective responsibility; the way the accused individuals or responsible people should be treated legally should be followed.

Freedom of press should be as broad as possible. The figures who use the public authority should be more ready and open to criticism compared to the average people.

Heavy and allegoric criticism should not be immediately criminalized.

For example, the operation made on the Nokta magazine was wrong no matter what it did; it was disgusting and contemptible.

Other media organs respond to the wrong things in media. For example, if a media organ shows Erdoğan as if he is taking a happy selfie in front of the martyr funeral, a media organ close to the government can show F.Gülen, since he thinks that Erdoğan is in trouble because of the death of the soldiers, in front of the martyr funeral having raised his hands praying “Give more death, Allah".

It is inappropriate that those who use the state authority immediately go into panic when a few unlikable articles of caricatures are published.

However, there is a limit there as well. Exaggerating and using it frequently will certainly cause a back fire. As I always say, the struggle against such kind of attacks should be carried out by spreading the correct information and revealing the lies and replying to an article with an article, a word with a word, and a caricature with a caricature.

There is another aspect of the media raids: Being irrational. Such kind of raids is irrational because of two aspects. Firstly, they can never serve a purpose. As the raids increase, the efforts to prepare ground for more raids increase as well and so the government strengthens the opposition's and enemy's hands, in a sense it is fallen into a vortex. Secondly, in the world these raids can be used as the proofs against Turkey's lack of showing respect to the freedom of press. However, they have already been used.

In the struggle against the autonomous structure, it is necessary to respect the universal rules of law, not judge the intentions but the actions, relying on the concrete evidences but not suspicions.

Otherwise, the righteous struggle can lose its legitimacy in the eyes of some fractions of the society and this can prevent it from being successful enough.


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