The inevitable darkening of Europe - ATILLA YAYLA

The inevitable darkening of Europe

The population of the world is around 7 billion. This number is expected to reach 12 billion in the 2050s. It means: In less than fifty years the number of the people living in the world will almost be doubled and the population will have stability. The total population will reach the highest level in history. If we remember that the number of all the people who lived and died till today is about 100 billion, we can more easily understand what a great number this is.

A population increase will both cause the present problems to multiply and probably new problems to rise.

The primary problem will be whether world resources will be enough to feed a rapidly increasing population or not.

The severe researches and projections based on them show that there will not be many problems on this issue. If life continues in its ordinary course, 12 billion people can be fed.

Of course, there are problems as energy, water and the environment become engaged in nourishment. Necessarily people, institutions and countries will always be busy with these in the following years.

The population of the world is increasing, but this increase is not equal between the countries and continents. In the wealthy world, the population increase is almost over; in some places, the population even began to decrease.

The leading countries in the melting population are Russia, Italy and Japan.

On the contrary, the population in the poor areas is rapidly increasing. Africa and Asia are leading this increase.

Both the increase in population on one side of the world and the decrease of the population on other sides are causing problems. Wealthy countries face a labor shortage; whereas impoverished countries face a labor surplus.

In the visible future, this pattern will not change.

At the end of that, the biggest population movement ever seen in history will occur. There will be a tremendous population flow from the impoverished countries towards the wealthy ones.

Nowadays, we see the painful views that are the reflections of the civil war in Syria.

We see the views of heart-wrenching deaths and misery on the newspapers and TV channels.

The painful results of the wars dramatically help us to realize what has been going on. But, even if there are no wars, there will be population shifts.

As the wealthy countries want to close the population deficit, people of the impoverished countries will set off towards the rich geographies for better life conditions.

Whatever is done, it is impossible to stop this.

The population movements reflecting the public opinion with the immigrants and refugees issue that is gradually getting faster and increasing each day – especially since it is neighbor to Africa and Asia – h Europe is highly interested and concerned about this.

Most of the European countries posing again and again as the inventor of the human rights and the monopolist owner of them, have racism in the depth of their cultures.

The European countries, especially Germany, are disturbed about the population flow coming from the South.

They want their borders to be closed for the people who they don't want and anyone who is not allowed should not enter their national territories.

They come up with various reasons to legitimize this attitude and policy.

The primary claims are the immigrant/ refugee flow will cause unemployment, cause cultural conflicts and damage the economy.

But, all of these claims are baseless and invalid.

Recently, they started to claim that the Muslim refugee flow will damage the Christian values. This also shows that Europeans have been prioritizing their religion and purity of their cultures before the human life and human rights.

Whatever Europe will do, it cannot prevent the heavy population flow towards the old continent.

Many people from the poor and unstable countries, by trying everyway and method, will rush into Europe for better life conditions, stability and certainty, saving their lives, et cetera, reasons and hopes.

In other words, in a way that the European racists will feel the goose bumps, the average skin color of the European population will be darker. Namely Europe will be darkened. All the efforts to prevent this inevitable course will be in vain.

Rather than resisting this natural fact, accepting the reality, from now on if they try to strengthen the rules and mechanisms to live together, they will have done something more useful for themselves and the world.


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