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What's Pope Francis trying to do?

As the spiritual leader of the Catholics, Pope Francis mentioned his one-sided Armenia claims in a ritual that the President of Armenia and leaders of the Armenian churches, it shows that the matter is being politicized by the Vatican. Thus, the hand... more

The “Arab League” and Arabian streets…

The “Arab League's" Egyptian Secretary General Nabil Elaraby recently made a statement in which he blamed Turkey. To some, this statement is an indication of the fact that the “Arab street" has turned its back against Turkey. However, the “Arab Leagu... more

How the Japanese know Turkey!

For a couple of days, we are in Japan in order to watch the “U.N. 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2015.” The conference is being held in the city of “Sendai” in northern Japan. In the 2011 earthquake, Sendai and its surrounding saw... more

National security will not endure weakness…

“Colonel Gaddafi”, who seized the administration by staging a coup in 1969, had used the petrol resources of his country for his individual career unconsciously. He filled up his silos with fighting airplanes he purchased from the “West” and “Soviet ... more

If dreams came true!

Expectations for the future always form the content of dreams. For communities, who fail to unite around the “common dream”, “disintegration” is an inevitable end. The “Ottoman dream”, which surrounded three continents, continued for 300 years. The u... more

Remembering Omar Al-Mukhtar …

They used to refer to “Martyr Omar Al-Mukhtar” as “the Ruler of the Night”. Because during the rebellion years, the dominance of the Italians was limited during the daytime. As for the rebels; they had the freedom to act at their will throughout the ... more

First the ‘Ocean’, then the ‘Mediterranean Sea’...

Recently, 300 more Africans, who sailed to the Mediterranean Sea with rickety boats, had lost their lives to the waves. Only in the last year, around 3,500 Africans lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. For how many years have we been witnessing... more

Africa in the Western mirror…

The “Summit of the African Union” had assembled yesterday in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu participated in the Summit on behalf of Turkey. Until the 1970’s, the “Africa” folder of the Ministr... more

To where does Ethiopia belong?

The readers who are interested in the history of colonialism know this; colonialism is a part of modern Western history. Colonialism and racism in Africa advanced head to head. Racism leans on a wicked feeling like “the colonized people deserved this... more

Charlie Hebdo, Israel and the ICC

The ICC, the International Criminal Court, has initiated a preliminary inquiry related with the war crimes conducted by Israel in Palestine. In order for the ICC to launch this preliminary inquiry, it was necessary for Palestine to officially recogni... more

Charlie Hebdo and transverse questions…

When the operation against the suspects of the bloody attack on the “Charlie Hebdo” magazine at Paris started, we said among us, “Apparently, they won’t catch them alive again, and once again, many questions will be left unanswered”. The operation al... more

PEGIDA and the “Colored German Republic”

PEGIDA, Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident, is a racist movement that objects to the existence of Muslim immigrants. What they are actually refering to by saying “the Islamization of the Occident” is the permanent residency ... more

The Palestine Theatre at the Security Council…

Following the “Arab-Israel War” in 1967, the United Nations Security Council had arrived at a decision on November 22 by unanimous vote. In this decision numbered 242, Israel’s retreat from the lands it invaded during the 1967 war was envisioned. Thi... more


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