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The EU crisis: A crisis of civilization

The referendum expected to take place in the UK on June 23 to decide on whether to leave the European Union or stay is sailing close to the wind. Although many discussions on the ineffectiveness of the EU have been held for the past few years, no one... more

What good is law?

One of the perpetrators of the bomb attack that shook Belgium, Ibrahim El Bakraoui, was deported from Turkey last year. Moreover, the Belgian government had been warned about this person. But Brussels did not take legal action against him on the grou... more

The US and Damascus's Lebanon agreement...

In my article on Sunday, I reminded my readers of Syria's intervention in Lebanon in 1976 on the grounds of stopping the civil war. The Damascus regime initially started with a limited military intervention, but then attempted to occupy the whole cou... more

It was Lebanon yesterday, Syria today

The political crisis in the mid-1970s reached a peak and as the parties failed to reach an agreement, a civil war broke out. The reason for the political crisis was the sectarian system strengthened by the French who invaded Lebanon in World War I. T... more

Who is global economy working for?

Without a doubt, “global economy” is working for the “62 filthy rich individuals” whose assets are more than total the assets of 2.5 billion people combined, or the “1 percent” whose wealth is equivalent to the total assets of 99 percent of the world... more

Meaning of 'oil war'

The decline in oil prices not only leads to huge decreases in the revenues of oil exporting countries, but also weakens these countries' economies, triggering serious social and political problems. Experts warn that in the event raw oil prices drop b... more

Executions in Saudi Arabia…

It seems that the execution of Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, who was among the prominent Shiite clerics of Saudi Arabia, will aggravate sectarian conflicts, especially in the Gulf and the entire region. Sheikh al-Nimr was arrested in 2012 and sentenced ... more

The battle for Syria!

The countries (the U.K., France, Russia) that are currently taking on military roles in Syria were here 100 years ago, again to change the destiny of the region. The same countries are also active in breaking the region into pieces in such a way that... more

Iranians' love for Putin

What is the meaning of the interest for Russian President Vladimir Putin turning into a flood of emotions? What does Putin do to deserve this love? Many things. All the way back during his first term as prime minister, Putin had Muslims in the Cauca... more

Putin dooms Russians to a vicious circle!

When analyzing the relationship between empires and geopolitics, Parag Khanna says, "Legitimacy in the geopolitical marketplace is based on activity, and must prove itself against other super powers." What Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wants ... more

A summit overshadowed by a massacre...

The first “Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Leaders Summit” organized and hosted by the “Presidency of Religious Affairs” took place in Istanbul. There were 125 religious leaders and delegates from 37 countries in attendance at the summit held between O... more

An island for the dictators...

For a while now, we have been witnessing the drama of the people who risk dying in the “Mediterranean Sea” in order to reach “Europe” from Asia, Africa or the Middle East to have a better life. Thousands of immigrants lost their lives on this trip in... more

Doubly joyous Eid in Iran!

Iranians welcomed “Eid al-Fitr” with an agreement that concluded the nuclear negotiations. Iranians who took to the streets of Tehran celebrated the agreement with enthusiasm. In fact, they are breathing the air of a doubly joyous Eid. We can only sa... more


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