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Towards the Prime Minister Davutoğlu….

Who will be the Prime Minister? AK party is trying to find an answer to this with consultations. However, the preferences of the board members, whose advice was sought, had been directed by the AK Party office or leader considerably.

Yet, in the new period, it has been subordinated that the President Tayyip Erdogan will be choosing the Prime Minister, whom he will be working together with, and will be "shaping" AK Party before his departure.

It doesn"t seem likely that; the opposition"s objection to this, the comments that Erdogan should resign from his Prime Minister position since Erdogan"s presidency had been announced in the official letter, and all the applications made to the Chief Public Prosecutor"s office towards this direction, will be able to change the direction of the main direction.

Let"s ask the essential question again: Who will be the Prime Minister?

Tayyip Erdogan has been defining "who will not become the Prime Minister" for a long time via various criteria.

The first criterion is the Chairman and the Prime Minister will be the same name. AK Party will enter the election with this structure, and within this frame, there should be a name that will not be blocked by the three terms.

The second criteria is that In the 2015 elections, which is a critical first election for AK Party without Erdogan and in which they will be chasing a constitutional majority, a political baggage and identity, who can carry the party and has strong representation skill…

In addition, the last criterion is the Chairman and Prime Minister should be a name that will be effective in the struggle with the Gülen-led group and the resolution process.

According to this, as you know, Abdullah Gül is out of the equation. At least for now.

AK Party"s strong and prominent names Bülent Arinç, Mehmet Ali Sahin, Binali Yildirim, Ali Babacan, Ömer Çelik and Hüseyin Çelik are stuck with the three-term rule.

Frankly speaking, at the consultations, there are not many options in front of the ones who state their opinions.

In this case, it seems like the name who is most fit to the criteria above is Ahmet Davutoglu. Besides, the common opinion is that Davutoglu is the name in the Prime Minister"s mind. Therefore, the fingers are pointing at the Minister of Foreign policies. Thus, it has been said that the prominent name in the MYK meeting of AK Party had been Davutoglu.

Besides, there are many reasonable reasons for the Prime Minister"s choice, Davutoglu.

With his equipment, experience and stance, he is fit to the "carrier political" role and in terms of representation is strong. His experience, which is gained after being the Key Advisor of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, ability to represent the country, with his reputation and recognition outside the country, and being one of the active parts of the resolution process, makes him a prominent name out of all the candidates that fit the criteria.

On the other hand, it could be said that, Davutoglu is one of the best representatives of AK Party"s ideological history, identity political posture, on the contrary to any other names that could be preferred by the circles outside AK Party. His reconciled stance towards the West, Islamic roots and sensibilities, and ability to do all this with a liberal attitude is between the important characteristics that describes Davutoglu.

However, the most important matter without a doubt is Davutoglu"s contribution to AK Party"s identity and the new communal psychology, self-confidence increase between conservative segments, via foreign policy.

With the policies, which Davutoglu contributed in the description and administration, Turkey had broken one of the important taboos of Republic. The foreign policy that shuts all the doors to the East and the Arabic World, and tries to satisfy itself with being a passive Western actor had been bent, and Turkey had become an active country that started to steer towards the region and the old living spaces in terms of cultural, political and economic aspects. It"s necessary to know that this policy is one of the important sociological inputs of AK Party. With these qualifications, Davutoglu is one of the names in AK Party who is best fit for Prime Ministry.

We had made a guess and a pre-analysis…

Now, let"s wait….


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