The poison of polarization and the instrumentalized pain - ALI BAYRAMOĞLU

The poison of polarization and the instrumentalized pain

I had to keep up with the tragedy of Soma while I was abroad. There is no doubt that there is a sorrowful death toll and a big pain. Besides that, what caught my attention from afar was that the situation turned into a pathetic polarization.

Accidents, responsibilities, pains, deaths have become an instrument through this polarization and thus they have been instrumentalized.

Unfortunately, no one is exempted from this.

There is a kind of insisting parasitic behavior.

This is not something new, though.

Turkey is such a country where the society, politics and freedom are still restricted and the patriarchal mentality from the authority to the opposition are still fooling around.

The same case still waits "on the table". We are moving on a kind of a fault line that is taken as the basis of the political and social existence where thinking is extremely polarized and from time to time we are abandoned to forget the reason of this polarization.

At this fracture, there is a high motion. There are kind of destructive patterns of such extremity ranging from consultant-kicks to ordered reaction squads.

Since the perceptual center is the conflict, the destruction becomes highly effective and what is standing out is the anger-oriented analyses, approaches, and expectations.

When this picture gets bold, just like it did today, the whole place becomes sort of game where everyone becomes figurants.

Even grievous social problems, freedom, democracy, pain, human situations, citizenship, and poverty get fixated on this will-for-power-issue since "the pragmatic wolves" are up. The standpoints and the power-analyses of people ranging from diverse political parties to newspapers that vary based on their self-interest in relation to persons and institutions intermingle with their screams of democracy.

With certain exceptions and despite their divergences both sides adopt the "identity" interest based on "power" as their common language.

Both in terms of politics and mentality, the challenging conditions of polarization are doing their best to infect this country with grave depressions from the "power virus",

A reactionary perception of politics is emerging.

The conflicts in relation to the justification of the authority in the domestic political arena indicate that siding is confined to homogeneous attitude and into a shaping of a reactionary dynamic.

When two types of reactionism and pragmatism and two different axis conflicts merge, it is not hard to anticipate the general picture.

Our conviction is that that this situation will affect the relationships between the state and politics, state, and society. The same picture can nurture the "patriarchal" mentality, too. Whet it"s the nationalistic culture or statism, a structure that cannot be productive and that transforms itself from within, produces itself while being torn into pieces with external inputs. It becomes inevitable under these conditions for "the ground of freedom to slide a bit more" in the social as well as the political field. Societies, which possess a democratic reflex, reduce such destructions to the minimum by means of its policies, intellectuals and institutions.


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