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The altitude

In countries like Turkey where societies are trying to get out from semi-closed orders, it is usually the case that the "skills and style" of bearers, political authorities are identified with a one way idea.

We have seen that during the time of ANAP and now experiencing the same situation.

However, there is no unique way or one pattern of truth.

The political authority is implementing things that must be implemented in a professional and courageous way. That it opens the way for Turkey and raises its level does not prove its use of model and political representation style is equally undisputable.

From a macro point of view while the "truth" is pursued, necessary steps are taken and remarkable breakthroughs are achieved, it"s a crucial matter whether the residue reproduces and transforms the status quo mindset and political-social relationships.

Today most of the criticisms that have no swearing character stem from this point.

By drawing its strength from the society and providing it the space for motion through its policies of change, AK Party establishes peace with the society but does not go beyond the "traditional right wing discourse".

For AK Party just like in every other conservative political party there are four concepts which determine its actions, mindset, perception of politics and political style which I underlined in my previous articles :

"Service, skills, solidarity, nation"

The authority"s political model and its envisagement are identical with the notion of "service" of the directive role of which is in low doze and which lacks a model.

Rather than its related success story or its success based integration and the model that centers on social agreements, its achievement has to do with the trend of "skills" or its own skills which the authority kneaded with justification in general.

It has to do with its "traditional solidarity" spirit and steps that depend on the lender"s good intention and that form one part of the social policies regarding the glance to the society, which don"t rely on "the borrower-lender interaction".

The other part that forms the glance to the society is based on the insight of the "unique nation" which assumes that each right step leads everyone to the right way and which is directly demanding or meets its demand through electing the authority while having various tendencies.

The organizational attempts will not be easy in the next term to continue with a perception which rejects the institutional, social and massive demands and which takes its basis as the "ambiguous and justice-oriented solidarity as directed from above" by preferring consumption to production or unconditional aid, support together with the perception which refers to the "absence of a perception of society consisting of various components".

This is what actually renders the subject of the third article out of the series that I authored with the title "towards a new Turkey".

During the elections in March we said:

Whatever the vote percentage of AK Party will be, in case of the perpetuation of the patriarchal mindset, and from this point of view if the "where did we leave off" policy is applied, we will lose height in terms of freedom and go under polarization and social tension.

If to realize this means to embrace all the society in terms of the politician and the political authority, this can only be possible through the existence of a reformist, democratic climate that will have the relieving effect of a zephyr.

What is clear is this: this emergence of the democratic climate cannot only be obtained with the concrete steps or through the passed laws, regulations but through the political authority, which will convince the society by becoming transparent.

However, we are not taking this path.

There is a kind of authority, which does not discharge a consultant from the office who kicks a protestor in a town that is suffering and in pain. There is a state of mind going under an effervescent arrogance. There is a kind of political authority, which does not realize what polarization indicates as a menace against stability and democracy.

Even under these circumstances AK Party has a strong chance stay in power for a longer time; receive its required vote and head for a new constitutional regime.

However, such circumstances will render the individual-state relationship in terms of democracy and political style into an increasingly debatable position.


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