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Single scaled balance…

The Prime Minister possesses a language that is tensing.

Yes, he does.

However, in this country the opposition is as troubled as the rulership in this sense. The titles ascribed to the Prime Minister by Kiliçdaroglu and Bahçeli are not far off from the titles ascribed to them by the Prime Minister.

Is the language of politics the only troubled one?

Yesterday, a headline from a newspaper was as follows:

"Kiliçdaroglu is an Alevist, Demirtas is a Zaza, Ihsanoglu is an Egyptian, and you are a thief…"

This is the headline of Bugün newspaper, one of the prominent newspapers of the Gülen-led group…

This is a necessary example that should be remembered when talking about politics, democracy, the press, freedom of the press, the Gülen-led group and its civilianization in Turkey…

Yesterday, Fettullah Hodja was returning back to the political scene after a long time, just a week before the elections, with maledictions. He was using the "Ekmel" word five times in his speech and, as for a certain someone; he was saying, "may their house collapse on them".

This is the Fethullah Gülen way of saying, "vote for Ekmel Ihsanoglu" and calling out "this is injustice against me" for AK Party.

In a place where people, who see this right, write parallel articles to it, make interviews, name this journalism, and call this the struggle of transparency and democracy, are running wild, connecting the lacking democracy and political problems to the rulership is such a meaningless thing to do. As we know, recently Turkey had witnessed an important operation. This operation oriented at the "autonomous structure", which is one of the missing, skewed, broken legs of the transformation process, that from time to time attempts liquidations and coups, produces alternative policies against rulership and tends to become a state, is quite symbolical in the sense of its subject, which we are revolving around.

As a matter of fact, this operation carries only one meaning for MHP and CHP, the left-wing liberal core, which is the ally of the old rulership, and the Gülen-led group: The present rulership is taking revenge for December 17 and 25, by slandering the police, whom had done their jobs and are clean and honest, and re-attempting to cover corruptions…

When the balance is one scaled and the weighing scale is broken, judgment will be broken too…

Let"s look at the second scale now… And continue with some quotes from Rusen Çakir"s "Some notes related with Selam-Tevhid case for people who are confused" headlined important article yesterday….

"Adnan Çimen, who had conducted the "Selam-Tevhid Terrorist Organization" investigation, had recently written as follows on his twitter account which he uses intensely: "Apparently, during the investigation process, the Iranian Ergenekon, who had leaked into the state since the last Ottoman period, had been caught in action. And by presenting the "with the desperation and anger of being caught, they had wiretapped 7000 people" lie, a lynch movement had been started against the people who were doing their jobs."

The claim is quite pretentious. Iranian agents had already leaked into the state during the Ottomans" last period., Despite fundamental changes and turnovers experienced by both countries until today, this "state within state" structuring had preserved its existence (presumably by getting stronger) until the present time. But Iranian agents had shown their powers again and prevented liquidation…"

Let us be reminded: This is the prosecutor who had been relieved of duty, and the jurisdiction in which the state had intervened…

Let us ask the question, "Are the corruption files the essential or the only reason in operations and the shifts in prosecutors and judges?" and return to Rusen once again:

"This time it looks like a "bag investigation", which will target the government, had been prepared by some located Iranian agents. Consequently, we can think that the Selam-Tevhid file had been prepared coordinately with December 17 and 25th corruption/bribe investigations. The most critical side of this file is the "Iran agent" accusation on MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan. This is a claim which requires the "If its right then it"s scary, if it"s a lie then it"s even scarier" sentence that we encounter a lot recently. Curiously enough, this claim is being mentioned with lower tones and indirectly nowadays, on the contrary to the first days. I always give the following answer to the one who asks me "can this claim be correct?"; "In a country, where Hanefi Avci and Ahmet Sik could be put on trial because of Karargah and Ergenekon respectively, Hakan Fidan would have stood trial because of the Iranian agent claim. But even the people, who had set this up, couldn"t believe Avci could be from Revolutionist Karargah or Sik could be from Ergenekon…"

Isn"t it still clear?

Then you should return to Fettullah Hodja"s curses and Ali Fuat Yilmazer"s commune in Bugün….

Because your hands are also dirty…


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