Kurdish issue will become the main carrier… - ALI BAYRAMOĞLU

Kurdish issue will become the main carrier…

Up until today, the Kurdish issue had considerably specified the democratic arguments and direction of democracy negatively or positively.

From now on, it could possibly specify more.

As you know, since 2013 we had come a long way in the solution for this issue.

While December 17-25 crises were representing the political tension and moments of democratic problems with the Gezi incidents, the peace process has expressed an open field upon these matters. The meaning of the Wise Men"s activities is surfacing more today. It shows that, in the matter of the Kurdish issue, the Wise Men had successfully performed their function as an idea "agitator" on the communal spreading of the subject.

To sum it up, let"s call this the "public sphere"s taking an action on the motions of peace, normalization, discussion and adoption of the peace process"… Today we witness many signs of this. Even the style of discussion and the acceptance of the frame legislation by the society is the symbolical example in this matter. Alongside the public opinion, another important actor is the Kurdish political movement. The Kurdish Political Movement had remained distant from Gezi incidents and the coup attempt of the Gülen-led group, didn"t mobilize these incidents and while doing this, it had started to transform into founder and supportive element of this new regime. This is an important development. The expression adopted by HDP today is different from yesterday and is closely associated with this table.

While the peace process is a difficult political engagement, which is irreversible, for the political rulership, at the same time it refers to a rope, which can be held on to in many aspects.

The Frame Law move, the new page soon to open in Turkey by many returning home from the mountains and Europe, and the special place given to the peace process by Erdogan in his presidency vision statement is obvious…

There is a reality, which many commentators don"t want to see:

The Kurdish issue-democracy relations might play an important role in the distribution of the conflict-oriented atmosphere in the country come autumn, in the increase of democratic and resolution remarks, and even in the decrease of communal polarization. Moreover, this can transform into an element that can be used by political rulership. Without a doubt, the Kurdish issue"s permanent solution requires a new "political code system" and a new political structuring. This system, should of course be an answer to the Kurds" demands, but at the same rate should consolidate the country"s integrity. We are talking about a system, which can activate cultural and communal pluralism along with the acceptance of cultural differences. A system that can present their opportunity to process their existences and their ability to take place in decision mechanisms related to their living space.

Such a system will only satisfy the "solution requirements of the Kurdish issue" and the "participant democracy"s requirements" that are pointed out by the Gezi incidents.

And the only way out seems to be:

The Constitution…

The decentralization mentality"s involvement in this constitution will add the society into the decision processes and also add a structure that will make it dynamic and permanent. This represents a solution tool, which is in demand by the country and important in terms of the Kurdish issue.

At the least, there are other winds blowing. Since last year, Turkey has been negotiating the 22nd Topic with the EU. The topics, which involve the solution of regional issues and decentralization establishments, might pave the way for Turkey in terms of constitution preparations and the Kurdish issue.

Turkey"s media and politicians tempestuously require normalizing and remembering that every issue can be solved via democratic principles. Let"s hope that the peace project can become a carrier in this matter as we assume.

And let"s hope that the known flexibility of the political rulership comes into play and the language and view changes with the pace…


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