Initial signs of the new period - ALI BAYRAMOĞLU

Initial signs of the new period

Turkey made its first step towards the new period. My comment concerning the result of the elections is as follows:

The fact that Tayyip Erdogan has been elected the president with the votes over 50 percent in the first lap is a great achievement for both himself and the party. This preference of the elector does not only shows the will for bringing someone into office, but at the same time shows recognition of his ideas which he defends and his political offers concerning the future.

From this angle, Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to have received the approval for the institutional transition, which he advocates, or the leader-president order, which will protect his active, political implementations.

Of course, this approval does not mean that the president-elect can exceed the limits of the constitutional law or modify its rules the way it suits his desires.

However, this approval permits the flexibility of his political interpretation within the institutional and legal borders.

Turkey entered this new period within this context. Thus, the start was given to a gradual disconnection from the parliamentary regime and the transition into the semi-presidential or presidential system. Turkey will likely enter the 2015 general elections with this main theme and will probably witness a possible referendum in 2016 in this framework.

The CHP-MHP front has been the victim of the "strategy without a policy". The fact that their futile attempt to determine their candidate stemmed from the motivation of hindering Erdogan did not even satisfy their own elector base. The reality, that Ihsanoglu received 5 points less votes than the total sum of the both parties in the last election and that AK Party became prevalent where normally MHP is strong, indicates this failure clearly. Also, this defeat rendered a possible oppositional allegiance for the 2015 elections meaningless.

The third issue concerning the elections is to do with the vote rate of Demirtas. HDP seems to have increased its vote by 35 percent in the last election. We have to focus on the meaning of this. Apart from everything, the vote range of HDP expresses the positive effect of the resolution process on the Kurdish political movement.

There are two directions of this effect.

The first has to do with the integration of the Kurdish movement into the system. The second, again in relation to this integration, has to do with its endeavor to move beyond the Kurdish question and its Turkeyization attempt.

With this attempt, HDP is demanding to fill a gap in the opposition. Whether it will achieve a positive result or not undoubtedly has to do with how the Kurdish political actors will engage with their historical package and the language they will use in the upcoming period.

Let"s zoom in on the upcoming future.

All the eyes have turned to AK Party and the new president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There are two issues here.

The first is the known one: What kind of a Çankaya practice will the new president apply? What kind of discussions will the active and leader-president raise in Turkey? To get a reply, we have to wait until this September and after that.

The second issue is about how the relationship will be between the new president and AK Party. The constitution requires Tayyip Erdogan to cut off from the party. However, we don"t know at what level this disconnection will take effect exactly.

As a matter of fact, after his election Tayyip Erdogan did not withdraw himself due to his relationship with his party.

He tried to modify the fabric after himself and tried not to leave any blank in it. The 27th congress decision, which was given in the MYK (Central Executive Board) meeting of AK Party, is quite significant in this respect.

The fact that the new chair and, hence, the new prime ministry election in AK Party is taking effect under Erdogan"s supervision and that prior to a day before taking his official presidential report signals the cues of this new format.

However, with a very sharp move, the intrusion of Abdullah Gül into the equation, in other words his statement concerning his return to the party and subsequently the MYK"s preventive August 27 congress date announcement from him while running the presidency, indicates a somewhat future annoyance during the shaping of this format.

Apparently, in the upcoming days, matters concerning the internal AK Party dissension will be the discussion topics.


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