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Gül issue and the power policy

When Tayyip Erdogan steps up to Çankaya, he wants to work with a name who he will be more compatible within the frame of the new administration style. And this name is shaping up to be Ahmet Davutoglu via his representation power, experience and complete compatibility with AK Party"s ideology and policies.

This is the destination….

The worry, objection mood and paranoia in Turkey had come to such a point that even pointing at this destination is enough to annoy some people.

Let"s pass….

It"s clearly obvious: Erdogan is regarding the administration layout, in which all the political power is gathered in the President"s hands, as ideal. He is removing all the possibilities and equations that might state the sharing of the rulership. The sharing of the rulership is pointing at two different paths under the present balance.

The first one is, becoming an association, a decrease in individualization, balance inside the rulership and the activity of supervision mechanisms.

As for the second one, impedimenta via separate tendencies, separate comments, separate definitions and based on a person, crises risk and the disruption of Erdogan model…

If Gül"s way were cleared, without a doubt, these two paths would also be in front of us.

Tayyip Erdogan"s decision shows that he had considered the second path in his evaluations.

This evaluation is relying on a certain past.

Right after the local elections, at the beginning of April, I had joined President Gül"s Kuwait journey.

The President had a worry that could be felt, this worry was related to the tensed political environment and the lack of democratic conditions in the country.

This had also had taken place in this column; it was said in this manner :

"The elections are over. Now Turkey needs to return to reform days… The perception defects that are formed outside should be fixed quickly. Or else, the repair of these damages would be difficult in the future. Let"s not forget that economic results come step by step. It won"t appear in a day. If trust and consistency start to be regarded as a problem in the matters related with the future, then the economic nuisances will occur. Because of this, we should prevent this quickly. This is my message essentially…"

If we have to regard Gül"s warnings from the point of an ideal situation, they were quite important. Politically it"s still important. And since we are going towards a de facto presidential system, then it"s more important in respect to staying within the law borders. Thus, I had underlined only the importance of it, rather than its necessity, with these sentences: "In order for AK Party to sit on a democratic course again, remove the heavy weights on its shoulders, face with the corruption claims and initiate an institutional restoration at the civil chamber that will clear the Gülen-led group"s tissue inside the state, Erdogan clearly needs a second name like Abdullah Gül…"

But when it is handled in the sense of political equilibrium, it"s possible to read Gül"s sentences above as disintegration from Erdogan, criticizing him, being in indirect close contact with the groups that are against Erdogan, as much as the warnings directed at "what needs to be done" within this frame. Thus, since the Gezi incidents, Erdogan"s surroundings had perceived every rebuke, every warning, and every objection of Çankaya, partially with this function.

Then this could be said:

The point reached in the Erdogan-Gül relations had been the result of Gül"s attempt to exert his authority on this political game as both an equalizer and stimulant.

This is the reel politic….

However, this situation doesn"t resolve the necessity to the ideal one…

A rulership mechanism, which possesses an institutionalized domestic administration and equilibrium mechanisms, doesn"t disregard reforms, is respectful to the constitution and, as for its political comments, will do it without pushing the legal borders…

If Ahmet Davutoglu becomes the Chairman and the Prime Minister, then he will be one of the names that would force the gates leading to this system with the relations he will build with his personality in AK Party and his President.


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