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A cruel and stupid mindset…

The poverty line as defined by the World Bank is US$ 2 per day i.e. approximately 5 Turkish Lira. The extreme poverty line is US$ 1 per day i.e. approximately 2.5 Turkish Lira.Around 46 percent of the world’s population lives on 5 TL a day. And 21 pe... more

A country named Somalia, a state called Turkey…

The Horn of Africa is a seam of poor countries. This area provides some scenes for  photos of children, who look like bags of bones with inflated bellies and a sad expression.During Erdoğan’s trip, on which we accompanied him, the images, especially ... more

Taking the fight against the community to Africa…

I am part of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s entourage on his visit to Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti. The president’s short tour of East Africa has been transformed into the most extraordinary trip.First the special forces group, which had gone to ... more

Prime Ministry statement; From 1915 to 2015….

One of the political reflexes, which came up simultaneously with the efforts for adapting to the EU and the new political party’s pursuit of breaking the guardianship system, was the “confrontation with history”, “memory exercise” and the “political ... more

Living under the wings of the Gülen-led group….

The fights, ideological quarrels around the rulership and, most importantly, the “Tayyip Erdoğan obsession” are so sharp between some segments and writers, that they can even disregard some developments that should be rummaging everything.The sole ac... more

What’s in hand after eight years?

Another year had passed.Yesterday, we passed the 8th year of Hrant Dink’s murder.What’s in hand?When we observe from a distance, there are two things in hand….One: Tens of investigations, many journalists’ books, the State Supervisory Board and Prime... more

Davutoğlu… about the Dink murder

There are a lot of questions to be asked, and many things to speak of with a prime minister, when the topic is the murder of Hrant Dink.It is known that in regard to this murder and this case, many state officials with direct or indirect responsibili... more

The ones who caught the scent of chaos…

The assault in Paris pointed out a fault line, and mobilized it. The transition to this mobilization also rekindled a series of reflexes and discussions.The matter not only pertains to “religious radicalism”.The “West-Islam”, “Islam-Radicalism”, “fre... more

New developments in the Dink case…

New and important developments are occurring related with the Dink case.The omissions, which are related with the road leading up to the murder and post-murder, and, which had been taken lightly previously, intentionally covered up and separated from... more

West and East: Opposing currents

One million copies of the Charlie Hebdo magazine are set to be printed today. The cover will depict a Muslim figure holding a placard in his hand that says “I am Charlie.” The cover will have just one sentence: “All is forgiven” … There will be those... more

The two faces of the Paris march…

The grand peace march in Paris was symbolically significant and striking.It undoubtedly points to a historic moment when politicians, ordinary citizens and various cultures adopt a common stance and language in the face of violence, terrorism and rad... more

Is it Islamophobia or freedom of speech?

The hair-raising dreadful terror incident in France is being handled from two separate corners and angles, and also with the angles frequently being subjected to each other.On the other hand, the “Islamophobia aspect” is being underlined.This aspect;... more

Violence in Paris….

The violence hit France. An armed attack was carried out in the building which housed the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Among the initial news, 12 deaths and 9 injured people was reported. Since 2011, when they published the caricatures of His Hol... more


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