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The must-be things and peace

Once again, the Kurdish question and the peace process have become the main topic of the country"s agenda. The non conflict situation is quite important because there has been no recent incident which caused a loss of human life and property, except ... more

What"s happening from Lice to Istanbul?

On one hand there is light and hope.Even though everyone interprets the resolution process according to their own temperament, it"s clear that at least the negotiations are intensified and are on the right track. In respect to this, the facts that, t... more

Notes from the Kurdish Workshop

The pause was too long.Resolution Process, despite it"s importance, was being kept in a freezer for a long time. Mutual distrust caused a pause in the steps taken. Gezi Protests, December 17 – 25 raids and the following elections had, in a way, stole... more

Kurds & hope

The media is focusing on the workshop that is held in Diyarbakir today regarding the Resolution Process.There is only one reason for that: Hope…There is hope and an expectation for the process to gain speed at the face of the escalated tension in the... more

A new start for the Resolution Process in Diyarbakır

It is clear that the Kurdish question and the peace process is not only the door to peace but also one of the most important gateways to democracy. The peace process started in 2013 and reached its peak in 2013 during Newroz. With the collaboration o... more

Who tapped Turkey"s Intelligence Chief?

The new tapping scandal based on the court decisions at TIB is quite noteworthy. Another thing that makes it so noteworthy is how the mainstream media is quite negligent and is overlooking the wiretapping of the people, especially those who are invol... more

Immature politics and incompetent opposition

Daily Yeni Safak headlines on May 28 and 29 were the most significant ones in the last period. According to the news, the inspectors which investigated on the Turkish Information and Communications Technologies Authority, TIB detected that "64 people... more

Between dictatorship trivials and authoritarian poses

I was recently at a conference with Istanbul Sehir University scholar Burhanettin Duran who roughly said these words:"If there were no Erdogan criticized because of his inclincation to personalization and the free-will he put forward so far, Turkey w... more

The class rage

Today is May 27, 2014. Fifty four years have passed since the first military strike. This is a long period for a human being but a minimal one for history. This first strike ended with blood incurring the execution of the then Prime Minister and his ... more

The paradox …

We are encountering a political tension and polarization everywhere and increasingly more with every kind of incident to an extent that apolitical issues, pains, human scenes, etiquettes are being instrumentalized in it. The opposition is almost dra... more

The problems of partial changes

Trees and creeks are everywhere. What is important is that trees are being washed with the water of creeks. This is the genuine essence. One may say this: eventually every society produces an individually cultural modernity and ontological project, w... more

Cussing, anger and the lost mind

Before trying to write about this topic, I have been holding myself back from it for long. I am quite astounded at the authors who are defeated by their egos, anger and from their columns who label their close friends with the titles as such "popsy",... more


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