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Political panaroma

How"s the situation?Let"s continue via candidates and political parties…First, the opposition:Following Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu preference, CHP is already in a divided state. As the disintegration between the deputies and inside the organization has fin... more

Erdoğan and Turkey"s future

What was expected has happened. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has become AK Party"s presidential candidate. During his speech, right after his candidacy was announced, he was describing the relation between his possible new stature and AK Party, and ... more

Law, light, Kurds and whiners…

It"s not surprising to see that the frame law draft is being underestimated by some.The timing of the law, arriving right before the presidency elections, has discomforted particularly CHP and some segments that are highly allergic to AK Party.They a... more

Kurdish legislation: Revolution on the way….

This sentence should be underlined:"We are entering the final phase in the resolution process."These words, which were used in the context of the "frame legislation" that was submitted to the council, belong to Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay, who... more

Three questions circulating around AK Party

There are three important questions with respect to and in view of AK Party that interest the whole country before and after presidential elections.1. The first question is who will be the president candidate? The answer is not clear. It will be qui... more

CHP-MHP"s Game of "Reasoning"

Since the government has not announced its candidate yet, the election discussions center on the opposition"s candidate, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. There is no doubt that the bottom line is what the voters of Ihsanoglu expect and think. The line of distin... more

You can"t hide the truth

The people, that choose to stay on the congregation"s side within this congregation-government tension by being politicized, that counted supporting and hiding in the shadows of the congregation as the pre-condition to criticizing the government, had... more

The case of Sept 12th : Is the age of coups over?

Today is a historical day. Even though it"s been 34 years, for the first time a military coup confronted a legal enforcement on behalf of society. Kenan Evren and Tahsin Sahinkaya were sentenced to life imprisonment. Neither article 15 which they ha... more

Are the Turkish foreign policy and Davutoğlu responsible?

AK Party obsession is inevitable for some circles. Innocent ideologic opposition party seems far away from having the intention and capability to understand or explain anyone with a leader obsession. A good number of political developments in the c... more

As Mosul falls; The Middle East invoice…

The fall of Mosul and the incident of a Turkish consolate personnel being taken as a hostage, made the developments happening and the political equilibriums formed over our South and Southeast borders as important as an inner politic issue.How should... more


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