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The first political spark in AK Party

After the elections, it is always helpful to review the vote range of the candidates, because each range provides a snapshot of the candidates and the underlying political party or tendency in his or her own background. When we consider the 52% from ... more

Initial signs of the new period

Turkey made its first step towards the new period. My comment concerning the result of the elections is as follows: The fact that Tayyip Erdogan has been elected the president with the votes over 50 percent in the first lap is a great achievement fo... more

Gülen-led group"s short political history (3)

For the last couple of days, I"ve been underlining this with its reasons: the "strengthening", "expanding fields" and "political action" phase in the story of the Gülen-led group had gained acceleration in the 2000s.This phase had two stages in itsel... more

Gülen-led group"s short political history (2)

The operations conducted against the Gülen-led group"s tissue in the state are carrying great importance and being discussed as much as the elections that will be held in a couple of days. And, it will be discussed for a while more. In this sense, th... more

Single scaled balance…

The Prime Minister possesses a language that is tensing.Yes, he does.However, in this country the opposition is as troubled as the rulership in this sense. The titles ascribed to the Prime Minister by Kiliçdaroglu and Bahçeli are not far off from the... more

Wounded branches….

This society has wounded branches.Behind the wound, there are three deep sicknesses in need of treatment.The first one of them is the "symbolical defect".The people, segments and systems, who are captives of this sickness, will be using cultural sign... more

Kurdish issue will become the main carrier…

Up until today, the Kurdish issue had considerably specified the democratic arguments and direction of democracy negatively or positively.From now on, it could possibly specify more.As you know, since 2013 we had come a long way in the solution for t... more

Two issues: Ergenekon and the Gülen-led group

For the past 10 years, Turkey had been trying to clean itself with structural reforms, judiciary phases and executive reflexes. Thus, trying to liquidate a dark tradition, the guardianship layout.Though, its clear that a "cleaning tiredness" is being... more

A historical Bayram…

This year Ramadan Bayram has coincided with the political calendar. Ramadan Bayram 2014 is pointing towards the start of a new era while another ends.Without a doubt, Turkey is passing through a new "political phase".AK Party had been in rulership fo... more

A propitious investigation…

Think of an equally staged structure, which includes the law and civil security power of the state. At the bottom, the police along with its operational units. On top of the police is the prosecutor, who has the authority of giving directions on the ... more


The political and communal analyses in Turkey are usually problem-, objection- and reaction-centered. The never-ending concern, that is related to the future, feeds this condition. As the worry increases, the "problem-centered perception" increases. ... more


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