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A propitious investigation…

Think of an equally staged structure, which includes the law and civil security power of the state. At the bottom, the police along with its operational units. On top of the police is the prosecutor, who has the authority of giving directions on the investigation and prosecution that the police is tied to. Above this level sits the prosecution power, in other words the committee of judges that pass judgment. After all them, comes HSYK, which is responsible for inspecting this dup, and finally, the High Court blocks, which review the given judgment.

If this five-staged structure doesn"t work faithfully to the rules of the constitutional state, and if what it obeys is not these codes, and if it uses its authority around another structure"s benefits, instructions and objectives, then what happens?

First, a second state within a state, then a parallel structure, in other words, an autonomous structure appears.

A step after, this wheel will start producing rules and start dominating…

If the critical positions of the police, prosecution office and court, the HSYK and High Court are invaded by the elements of this parallel structure around the strategy, which is made by abusing freedoms and by exploiting the political conditions.

Today, Turkey"s situation is partly this.

Unquestionably at the root of this operation, which started the other day and is especially oriented at police units, this five-staged structure and the precaution initiative against it can be found.

Collective custodies, handcuff images, applying the same treatment they had applied on others to the ones that are taken into custody, the worry of the renewal of arbitrariness in the past judgments… How these investigations could be conducted in proportion to these worries? Which one of the case files out of Balyoz, Odatv, February 7th investigation or Selam organization will be used as data in these investigations? How could the authority seizure and the intention behind it be proven?

All of these are legitimate questions that focus on the problems.

From this point, in the same light that we mentioned yesterday that the struggle with the khaki gangs should be within the law borders and transparent, today is it is especially necessary to repeat that the struggle with the parallel structure should be inside the same borders.

Now, if we are to return to the essence of the matter…

The operation, which started the other day, is quite important in the sense of being the essence of the matter, the parallel structure fact and the destruction created by it

Only translocations and indications are not enough for the cleaning of the security and judiciary structure. A Judiciary and sanction period, which will affirm these steps and prove the claims, is inevitable. Apparently, a strong step is taken in this direction.

We should quickly remark that, principally this won"t be sufficient.


It is mandatory to transform the state"s invasion and the issue of the systematic authority seizure into a common issue of the parliament and the political parties" and mobilize a democratic action plan in this matter. If extraordinary precautions are to be taken, then these precautions should be able to taken within the frame of a complete reconciliation and democratic restructuring.

However, internal political arguments and polarization are still paving the way for us to still steer away from this point.

Thus, the comments made, following the beginning of the parallel structure"s operation, are fortifying every commentator"s and actor"s own political attitude, rather than discussing the gravity of the situation.

The police officers, who are under investigation, are not the only architects of the arbitrary wiretappings in the Selam Tevhid organization, irregularity and initiatives on political attrition.

These names are behind all of the critical cases like Ergenekon, Balyoz, OdaTV, Revolutionist Headquarters, KCK, and also behind cases in which it is as if an alternative state policy is being created.

These names had gravitated towards permuting power by adding lots of wrongs next to rights and lots of fakes next to originals via these cases, and putting the ones who are aware of them into these cases. They finally became the operational powers of the congregation-rulership fight.

If the coup-minded soldiers had been auspicious for the investigation related with the Ergenekon gangs, then now they will be as much auspicious for the investigation against this structure.


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