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A little bit of politics for us too

Let us change the scope of the politics today, by turning our eyes from the politics in Ankara to the politics in the neighborhood. Let us set a question as" What happens if the water doesn"t spring from the fountains of Istanbul?" In fact, it is Miktad Kadioglu who is raising this question. Kadioglu is a well-known figure in the Turkish public. He is the most listened to, popular professor of meteorology. Kadioglu teaches at Istanbul Technical University. As an Engineer of Metereology, he lectures at the Disaster Management Center and as a consultant at the governorship of Istanbul Disaster & Emergency Management. Kadioglu says in one of his email campaigns:

" I have collected 1.339 signatures at change.org/don"t be thirsty campaign which I started. I just can"t believe this. At the face of drought, this number is unbelievably too small. I took these signatures and personally went to see the ISKI general director, Dr. Dursun Atilla Altay on July 23, 2014. Mr. Altay, having not agreed with all of my suggestions, told me that their priority is to conduct the structure projects that began previously and finish them as soon as possible in order to solve the drought problem. In our country, we find that in dealing with drought, water floods, earthquakes etc. only structural cautions are taken always at "hard" level. But we never see the "soft" level cautions that are non structural and, more importantly, we see negligence of the public attendance (…)"

There are many things to do in Istanbul more than building pipes for bringing water. This is the situation in Istanbul. The dams are empty and if this continues, we are going to drink water from the mossy reservoirs. Maybe it is not that bad! It just does not work only by carrying water to Istanbul from everywhere. It is also a matter of saving, planning, reservoir preservation, building villas with cisterns, which are called "green" and water harvesting.

Friends, please sign it, so that we bring non-structural and thereby so much helpful long-term cautions spreading from Istanbul to all the parts of the country. Perhaps what we can"t do with our scholarly and dry words, you can do by telling thousands of conscious masses of people with your raised voice. Just sign it; otherwise don"t come to me and tell me we are left with drought".

His campaign message"s text is as follows:

According to ISKI data, the dams that were full by 87% in May 2013, this year are only full by 28%. The 87% fullness in the previous year decreased to 64% in July. This year in July there is a risk for a significant decrease in the fullness of the dams in Istanbul. In other words, we have a problem with the weather and the use of water. We have to do the required thing for the drought -- before it"s too late.

As a scholar and in the name of all the citizens, my demand from Istanbul Metropolitan Chair Mr. Kadir Topbas is as follows:

1) Identify in the scope of the "Istanbul Drought Struggle Plan" those who use the water, which must be prepared in order to retain the water and describe the water consumption, loss and leak in the city within details.

2) Bring experts together. Bring the sector representatives who have a significant share in the water consumption, the relevant citizens and NGOs together and find out the emergency cautions, which are required for the public interest. In other words, to guarantee the "life water" in case of water deterioration, identify the sectors, usages and the order in which the water supply will be cut off.

3) In order to decrease the loss of water and increase the water harvesting quickly apply the cautions and incentives (for example to stipulate the rainwater harvesting and gray water systems in the regulation).

4) Re-apply the "do not waste the water" campaign with TEMA association in 2007, which you cooperatively implemented. That year the residents of Istanbul saved more than 10% of water. Our sensitive people through this campaign did not waste the water for washing their cars, balconies, carpets. They did not flush the toilet for vain. They did not waste water when brushing their teeth, took short showers and changed the leaking faucet joints etc. If you want, our sensitive people will join a widespread campaign as such.

5) Please do not make investments in order to carry water from other cities. Instead, invest in removing the leakage in the water network and preserve the water reservoirs, because the draught is no longer punctual but regional, although it is an experienced problem all across the country. Do not build intercity water sharing system that will cause severe problems in other words, you cannot run a water mill by carrying water.

I have signed the text by Kadioglu.

Politics is not confined to Ankara.

Participation is not simply about voting.


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