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Turkey will come out of this stronger

How free and independent do you think Western media are? They are absolutely free and independent, according to our "foreign Turkish intellectuals." However, an article in the Financial Times, that came a day before the EU expressed Turkey's visa rep... more

Both an opportunity and threat for Turkey

Even if all the Muslim countries in the world came together and used superb strategic communication techniques to tell the world that Islam was a religion of peace and justice, and that it dignified all humane feelings, it would not be enough to clea... more

The Turkey Brand continues on its path with self-confidence

In the US, they are counting down to opening the "US Islamic Culture Center," the world's largest complex of its kind, in the state of Maryland. With its Mimar Sinan-inspired architectural design, the organizers hope to familiarize Americans with Isl... more

Beware the communication pollution…

Let's see how and how many things will get messed up… There are innumerable scenarios in order to turn Turkey into a blood bath of the Middle East…Turkey still tries to stand for the manifestation of the national will power.The hope of light which ha... more

Communication is instigation's 'nemesis'…

Today is 12 September. Today can be a breaking point for AK Party and thus Turkey's political history…towards a positive outcome and, to some extent, towards a negative result. Two important democratic incidents have coincided with this dramatic date... more

Public conscious doesn't forgive 'hypocrisy'…

It doesn't matter whatever excuse or explanation you try to make. Isn't it odd that the perception doesn't change over ISIL and the outlawed PKK “hitting” the similar targets in Turkey: “They are on the same line and allied”? No matter how the co-cha... more

This is a breaking point...

Lately, I have been paying close attention to the speeches of Prime Minister Davutoğlu and undoubtedly to HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, two leaders whose speeches are of much importance these days...Because, he, himself does not just represent an... more

Varoufakis cut off his arm

In fact my man, my legendary hero was not of course Tsipras , but the finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis … Perhaps because he reminds us of our romantic, brave and proud years of youth we lived in the most exaggerated way of the 68 generation. I... more

The mission and “Pocket economy…”

I wanted to narrate three different quotes from Yeni Safak Editor-In-Chief İbrahim Karagül's column from March 25. We believe that it would be beneficial to read the piece as a whole under the scope of noting it down for history. Let's have a brief l... more

The first political spark in AK Party

After the elections, it is always helpful to review the vote range of the candidates, because each range provides a snapshot of the candidates and the underlying political party or tendency in his or her own background. When we consider the 52% from ... more


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