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Seven steps toward May 22

Political science is a field in which everyone has something to say, especially political communication.

As you know, we have treatment methods and remedies when someone says they have a headache, psychological advice for those who say they feel down, and jokes to cheer those who say they feel bored. We are healers, football coaches and political communication experts.

We are currently experiencing a similar situation.

There are currently those who are betting on the prime minister, those trying to determine the new prime minister's profile, those describing the “transitional period,” and those dreaming about going to an early election and going to parliament with 550 representatives. The only thing that is not disputed is the president's authority.

There is even a group fictionalizing a coalition between the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

Now, you know those who call us “communication experts?” I wonder what they would be saying if we remained quiet because this voice comes from among us? We have said everything we possibly could on three television channels: TVNet, NTV and Habertürk.

Let me summarize it for you:

Firstly, there is no political crisis. There is no damage, neither economically nor politically or socially.

Second, there is no leadership problem in the ruling party. The government is one of the four biggest leaders to break routine in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

Third, all potential names for the post of prime minister will be exhausted. Based on the AK Party's values and culture, a position is assigned to a person who did not request it. Therefore if a candidate is mentioned for nomination, that person's chances decrease.

Fourth, it is important to remember the past to understand the president's attitude in such situations. Remember how many days before Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's candidacy was determined.

Fifth, the wise candidate nominees should leave political communication aside and deal with their own issues these days. In other words, based on the principle, “serving the people is serving God,” they devote themselves not to prosperity but to the realization of grand projects.

Sixth, the opposition cannot benefit from this. The opposition should lean its back against great leaders who will design the future of the country, instead of propagandizing against the government on Twitter and cooperating with foreign media in mocking the president.

Seventh, there is no need to discuss how political communication will continue after May 22. The essence and content of this period is already clear. If we were to name the new period, it would be called “conformity.” And all rivers fall into the sea. This includes the presidential government system. To say it more precisely, although it has not yet been explained in detail, the presidential system already has the support of more than 50 percent of the population. In the event it is explained properly, it may find its place within the great conformity.


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