“You couldn't even be like Iran” - ALI NUR KUTLU

“You couldn't even be like Iran”

You must have heard this saying recently. It is an argument used by those who criticize Turkey's foreign policies and politics. They have been saying, “Iran is very successful, why isn't Turkey as successful as Iran?”

The answer to be given to this statement is:

“Thank God we aren't like Iran.”

Iran is losing people in four countries

In active battles in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, no one knows how many soldiers and commissioned officers Iran has lost. Iran has never disclosed a number.

No one knows how much ammunition Iran has used in these clashes or the expenses associated with them. Iran secretly received the guns that it needed from Russia and China with secret agreements it made during the embargo period.

Thank God Turkey didn't attack any countries.

Iran is shedding Muslim blood

Iran is shedding the blood of Muslims by attacking aggressively during the active battles in these countries. Iran has never been at war with Christians, Jews or countries of other religions. It has always been at war with Muslim countries. It is fighting against Sunnis in all four countries.

Thank God Turkey has done everything possible to avoid shedding the blood of Muslims.

Iran has fueled sectarian wars

Iran has viewed the 130 million Shiite Muslims in the world as potential militants. Wherever there is a minority, from Azerbaijan to Morocco, it established a relationship and inseminated them with its ideologies. And in the end, it has become foes with Sunnis. It established militarist Shiite communities in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, supported and terrorized them.

Thank God Turkey always tried to prevent sectarian wars.

Iran established a clergy to create an oppressive regime

Iran turned the Islamic revolution Khamenei actualized into a Shiite revolution and then an oppressive regime. The mullahs of mosques, principal shrines such as Kum and Meshed became privileged and untouchable like the clergy. The communities' freedoms, human rights and religious freedoms were suppressed through the Revolutionary Guards, Besic and Vice Squads.

Thank God Turkey didn't see the domination of the clergy.

Iran turned its friends into foes, and foes into friends

While the whole world was trying to choke Iran, Turkey protected it. Turkey prevented a big disaster from happening. Iran called Turkey “my dear friend” and the US “the Great Satan.” However, when its interests changed, Turkey became the “enemy” and the US the “friend.” It became an enemy to the Muslim world. It became friends with Russia, China, the US, UK and France. And with these countries it shed the blood of Muslims, without any hesitation.

Thank God Turkey didn't sell out its friends, betray them, or shed the blood of Muslims with its allies.

Hypocrisy has become its fundamental characteristic

It legalized not keeping true to its word and lying with religious fatwas. Iran used the “hypocrisy” attitude toward the Muslims instead of its enemies. It deemed cooperating with the enemy while calling the other “my friend” as normal, and betraying its friend while calling the other “enemy.” Nobody trusted, believed or relied on Iran.

Thank God Turkey is a straightforward country.

Thank God Turkey is not Iran.


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