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We will pull ourselves together, after we vote

You have been listening to election propaganda for months. And you will vote today. You cannot change the color of your vote after anymore. Therefore, I will not write a column suggesting who you should vote for and why. Besides the reader of this column would know who to vote for without needing my advice.

I would like to stress on what we will be doing after casting our votes. It doesn't matter whether a single party government or a coalition government is formed. I believe important things need to be done after tomorrow.

Get out of the political vortex, and return to your principal matter

We have been living in an intense political atmosphere for the past year or so. I can say we have been poisoned. Political statements, disputes, arguments and quarrels are disputes that seal the depths of the human conscious and pull it to the surface. We need to urgently get out of current and political disputes.

A Muslim's main fight isn't just politics. Our main duty is to dwell on more in-depth, long term and important issues. Firstly, have a look at your own faults and critique them.

To raise qualified people and produce global projects

We have witnessed the following in the past year: The struggle for a right, isn't just attained by saying you are “right.” We can see that, in order to defend your right, your tone, style and discourse are very important. Words of wisdom and pleasant behavior are the trademarks of a Muslim.

However, there is an even more important issue here and that is to raise qualified people and display qualified actions.

Turkey's greatest advertisers turned the discourse supremacy, social media supremacy and effective propaganda supremacy in favor of Gezi supporters, during the Gezi Park riots. Musicians, actors and actresses, humorists, graphic designers and artists... although being wrongful they made themselves hear.

Recently, financers, the business world, diplomats and the media have helped give the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and the PKK the upper hand. They are leading by several lengths in terms of the media.

Now all our people working in this sector should put their thinking caps on. Everyone should evaluate why and how we have ended up being the ones in the wrong despite initially being right. Why haven't we been able to make our voices heard? Everyone from advertisers to actors, financers to businessmen, politicians to media personnel should seriously evaluate their actions. And then, we should start producing globally successful projects.

Strengthen your spiritual and moral side

The Muslim image has never before been so damaged in Turkey and the world as it has today. Organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Qaida and Boko Haram have damaged the image of Muslims and Islam throughout the world. The disputes starting with the Gülen Movement, the wiretappings, recordings, slander, accusations, allegations of corruption, luxury and gimmickry disputes have caused serious devastation. And now, nobody trusts people with a Muslim identity.

The damage made to the image was accelerated with the exaggeration and incitement of the media. As the Turkish saying puts it, “There is no smoke without fire.” Because we have been defending our rightfulness everyday, people that are deprived of Muslim courtesy and morals, swear and threaten us, and thus damage the Muslim image further. We should stand up not only for ourselves, but also for all the injustice, theft, unfairness, immorality and impertiness around us.

Elections will come and go and governments will change; yet a Muslim's personality, matter, struggle and trial will never change. We have become too engrossed in politics.

Let us remember İsmet Özel after the election, “ Get up, get ready, we are not going.”


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