We need to find new ways far from terrorism - ALI NUR KUTLU

We need to find new ways far from terrorism

Yes, because of its colonist attitude, France has caused millions of people in Africa and the Middle East to die, be exiled and suffer famish and a terrible life. And this colonization still continues.

If we were to discuss this issue from morning to night, it wouldn't change the fact that we are right. France couldn't have a single argument to defend itself in this sense.

Yet, explaining and fighting this issue in order to gain our rights cannot be achieved through terrorism.

A Muslim cannot claim rights through terrorism

Our Prophet, never giving up on his sense of justice and honesty and holding the qualities of his name “Muhammad al-Amin,” meaning Muhammad the trusted one, even while the Muslims in Mecca were agonized and crushed under rocks is an important example for this.

We have to find new ways

In our pursuit for rights and justice, we have to keep away from terrorism. Yet, we need to find effective and powerful methods.

The West is double-faced in democracy. True.

The West is bereft of justice and a conscience. True.

The West was silent when 350,000 Muslims were killed in Syria, they couldn't care less. True.

The West supported the coup in Egypt, and caused the death of thousands of Muslims. True.

The West is provoking the war between Muslim countries and covertly supporting it. True.

The West is fueling Islamophobia and causing people to hate Muslims. True.

I can line up tens of points as to why the West is against the Muslim world, and how they are unjust and guilty against us Muslims.

Yet, none of these reasons can justify innocent people being killed in the middle of a street.

All the faults of the West, cannot legitimize the death of an innocent person.

Terrorism is Islam's greatest enemy.

Fake religious leaders, show our just struggle against the West as an excuse, and try to legitimize terrorism and direct against criminal methods.

The dirty, dark and suspicious organizations, which use the rebellious nature of youth against the West's colonization and pitiless attacks, harm Islam the most.

Even if they kill our innocent people, we wouldn't kill their innocent. “Retaliation” in Islam isn't something like this.

What distinguishes a Muslim from the rest is that a Muslim will comply with the law even during war. And yes, we have many reasons to get angry with and rise against the West. We have many reasons to stand against them.

Yes, the West has a role in the Muslim world suffering great pain and losing many lives.

Yes, Muslims should struggle against oppression and injustice.

Despite all of this, our way isn't the path of terrorism.

Killing civilians isn't our way.

Slaughtering people in the middle of the street isn't our way.

We should turn against terrorism. We shouldn't allow the words terrorism and Islam to come side by side.

Our way is to always stand against injustice but never to see terrorism legit.

We have to find new ways and methods. We have to find new methods that will satisfy our youth, our irritated people and those who demand justice.

Let's think, debate and discuss.


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