To exploit a child's body - ALI NUR KUTLU

To exploit a child's body

There are some limits, crossing those lines means to lose human feelings. Crossing those lines means to create an irreversible insanity and an irrecoverable devastation.

There are some limits that shouldn't be exceeded.

Killing a child is the most important of these limits. We cannot kill a child. We can never be like the Israeli minister, whether Jewish, Christian, or profane; we cannot kill a child.

When Assad killed children in Guta with chemical weapons, those limits were exceeded. Young bodies died in agonizing pain before cameras. They couldn't breathe, they suffocated to death. Their tiny bodies were filled musty graves, were covered , and then they were forgotten.

Why did the dead body of a child washed onto shore draw attention?

The lifeless body of a little boy found on the Aegean shores deeply affected Turkey and the World. The lifeless body of the 3-year-old boy was an affront to humanity. Why was this photo so effective? I mean, why weren't the bodies of the children who were killed by chemical weapons this effective?

I have been writing for days likening the refugee issue to low-cost labor in Europe. The Turkish public has been watching the refugees travel the migration path, from their way station. Meaning they don't consider this as their own problem.

Whenever the smell of rotten corpses in the back of a truck spread into Europe from the EU member Hungary, it was then that Merkel said, “We have to find an immediate solution.”

Images of the lifeless child and whale washed ashore

Why was it different this time? The western consciousness is very sensitive to images. This child must have caught their attention because his lifeless body on the shore resembled that of whales and dolphins washing ashore. They aren't really grieved about the refugee child; they are saddened by the resemblance of it to whales and dolphins

People in Turkey did not react like this, despite seeing lifeless bodies of refugees washing ashore of other countries for days. When that child's body hit our shores, then they started to take action. This isn't actually an issue about our shores; this is about exploiting the body of a child in order to create political criticism.

The parallel group started a hashtag on social media (I am crying out for humanity that has washed ashore), exploiting that tiny body to attack Erdoğan and the AK Party. “If Erdoğan, Davutoğlu and AK Party members didn't have such a Syrian policy, that child would not have died and wouldn't have washed onto our shores.” Starting from this point they are trying to fuel Erdoğan hatred. Journalists of big newspapers didn't fail to catch up, as they acted as if they were writing about that child, but in reality they were criticizing Erdoğan and his politics.

Using the lifeless body of a child as a tool of political hatred: Necrophilia and Pedophilia

The problem isn't you being enemies of Erdoğan and AK Party. We don't care whether you like them or hate them. This is your choice. However, if you are using the corpse of a child as a tool for your political hostility, then it is our business.

This means you have gone way over the line. Exploiting the lifeless body of a child, trying to trade on it, is the last thing you can do as a human. This is an illness, this is a Necrophilia a reflex. This is a Pedophilia reflex. This means “let another child die, so we can trade on it.” Those who exploit the deaths of children are just as guilty as those who killed that child.

If you can remain silent; when the bodies of children wash on to the shores of Libya, and many children are killed with chemical weapons in Damascus, and if you only speak out when those bodies wash onto our own shores, then you have ulterior motives.

If you can create Erdoğan and AK Party enmity from the lifeless body of a child, then your brain has been paralyzed with rage, hatred and revenge, and you are no longer human. Please, pull yourselves together.


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