Things will not change with Trump but you - ALI NUR KUTLU

Things will not change with Trump but you

It would be no exaggeration to say "The world is stunned." Republican Donald Trump heading the world's most powerful country and biggest army and economy shook everybody.

If you think about it, this angry man who swears and shouts at everybody around him now holds the passwords that can fire the world's most terrifying nuclear weapons. Even this idea alone is frightening to people.

Americans fell in love with their executioner

The reason behind all these frightening feelings is the campaign process that has taken an unbelievable state. Everyone from celebrities to the media, businesspeople to politicians scared the public so much with Trump that it seems Americans fell in love with their executioner. Even the Republicans, Trump's own party stated that they will not be supporting him.

All U.S. media, without any exceptions, said Hillary Clinton is going to win, almost insulting Trump. Now the same newspapers are stunned and in shock, writing headlines along the lines of, "What now?" Analyses, comments and statistics are pouring in.

I'm assuming we all have a question on our mind, one that effects our country very much as well: "What is going to happen in the Middle East; how is it going to be affected?" Many are picking to shreds Trump's inconsistent, complex and contradictory foreign policies statements, trying to reach an assumption.

Those who think Trump is going to pick up the pieces of the U.S.'s foreign policy, which hit rock-bottom during former President Barack Obama's term, are people who are trying to hang on to hope. It seems they are hopeful because while Clinton said, "I am going to arm the Kurds," implying that she would continue the separation in Syria, they think at least Trump said nothing of the sort.

Obama had become hope too

Remember when Obama first came to office. We were almost going to declare him the "perfect Muslim" because his middle name is "Hussein." Muslims suffering around the world thought all their troubles were going to end thanks to Obama. Especially impoverished African countries. They were so sure that the hunger and poverty would end by the hand of Obama whose grandfather was born in their own lands. Look at the situation now. Never before was so much blood shed in so many countries in the Middle East, never before did the chaos get so deep or spread as much. The Obama era became the Middle East's nightmare. If only he did not carry a Muslim name. Perhaps they shed so much blood as a reply in kind to Obama.

Meanwhile, Africa's misfortune did not change during the Obama period either. He was so bad that even Obama's step siblings announced they would be voting for the racist Trump.

The US will not leave a president so free

If any of you have hope invested in Trump, you should avoid talking before considering any of these realities. The U.S. never left any president so free and allowed them to use initiative. Similar to Obama, Trump, too, will eat his words, deny the things he said and put his ideals on the shelf. The system was not at all pleased with his objective state.

It is very difficult for Trump to radically change the current U.S. system. The founding actors of the system should not be expected to allow this. Hence, none of the scenarios feared by U.S. and European liberals are going to happen. Trump will certainly accept to be part of the system.

The Muslim world will continue to suffer, regardless of whether Obama or Trump is president. Because the wars in our region are continuing as a requirement of the world order, not the U.S. The five countries that sell the most weapons during wars are also the same five countries that are the permanent representatives of the U.N. As long as this remains unchanged, the order will remain the same and peace will never come.

It is too ambitious to say that Trump is going to divide the U.S., then drag it into war and cause crises in the world. One should not expect great changes to take place.

But if one changes himself/herself, then a rooted and strong change will have also started.

Things will not change with Trump, but you.


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