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The future of the AK Party

Let's criticize, love or ignore that the AK Party has written a great story for Turkey.

The founding leader of the party, Erdoğan, has already made history. Together with him, the founding actors and the names who make decisions which will affect the destiny of the country have also taken their places in history.

The AK Party, just as all the other major movements and changes, faced issues, troubles and problems. Covert and explicit memorandum, coup attempts, party closure cases, and many others. The AK Party has been a political movement which resisted and didn't collapse.

Attacking the heart of the nation

Despite all the interventions, the political movement did not collapse and continued to represent the will power of the nation.

This time actually, there were violent attempts to overthrow it. Gezi events, Syria-related sectarian provocations, the coup attempt of the parallel state and finally the outlawed PKK's armed assault… Their aim was to overthrow the AK Party, Erdoğan and Davutoğlu, but what they actually hit was the independent political center of the country.

All the strikes were against the national will power, that's to say the national will power which was specifying its own destiny and the independence of Turkey.

That's why the future of the AK Party and Turkey is identified.

That's why beyond being only a party, the AK Party has become the main position of the resisting Turkey.

They saw that if this position falls, if this order is broken, Turkey can be invaded. That's why, with all their strength they want to attack, overthrow the AK Party and then, entering into the trench, they want to seize the main headquarters, the heart where the will power of the nation is hidden.

Castles which cannot become destroyed from the outside, can become destroyed from the inside.

Attacking directly from the outside, no power could seize this country.

The castle is always seized from the inside. The destiny of our lands has also been so.

Unfortunately, many people among us desired this a lot. Many people, being defeated by their own desires, benefits, egos, anger and revenge, desired a lot to give the bastion and gate of the castle to the enemies.

History is full of such sad stories.

The AK Party resisting against everything, had difficulty in resisting against its internal conflicts. Altogether we saw how the internal tensions, conflicts and discussions have worn down a party and caused them to lose blood. Actually, that was the biggest lesson that should be taken from the June 7 elections.

The most important reason for these conflicts is; rather than thinking in a rational and idealistic way, thinking in a reactive way.

Some could not understand that rather than being only a party, the AK Party is the first front and trench of the resisting Turkey. The thing that those who make an effort for a title, their own profit and benefit couldn't understand is the necessity to leave everything behind as the country fights for existence.

Members of the AK Party who couldn't understand it

As the country is in such a situation, the fight for being a deputy, administrator of the party and having a position in this period cannot be explained by logic and wisdom.

Whatever the devoted people do in case of a fire, disaster and calamity, the actors of a party should do the same thing.

The thing to be done is; with a devotion to quit everything, to be ready to extinguish the fire and give up on your own desires.

Let's accept it, let's regrettably accept it –although they are small in numbers – some people from the AK Party couldn't and didn't want to understand this truth, which is that the people who jeopardize the future of the AK Party don't sacrifice and think only about their future.

Two days before the congress, even the rumor about a second candidate would start a fire for fitna(an Arabic word for temptation, trial; sedition, civil strife) Before this fitna spreads, rather than extinguishing the fire, if there are ones who want to use it as a means for bargaining, it means they could not understand the truth of the country and the future of the party.

There are times when the countries and nations must pass difficult tests. The countries located in the center of the fire, just like Turkey, have continued a life passing through tests.

The AK Party has always been the “hearth and home” for those people. Even if there are a few rotten ones inside, this party is still the hope for Turkey. In an election that will be gone with this conscious, it will win favor in the nation's eyes.

As long as the rotten parts are being cleared away.


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