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Need for political unity

All big governments do something in particular before crises and growth, and that is political unification. We can see many examples of this in European and even Asian history.

Our history is the same too. This is exactly how the Ottomans grew and gained strategic power. They put emphasis on the solidness of the land they would step on and national unity.

You can't open a second front in the back while fighting in another front

Unification is important for both politics and government reflexes. While fighting in one front, you cannot open a second front in the back, and if it has been opened, then it will be shut down. The most dangerous things are the struggles and fights dealt with in times of insufficient unification.

Unification is necessary to avoid the division of power and the loss of strength. Power and strength go hand in hand. If you have power, you are able to use your strength. If you don't have sufficient power then you can try managing this politically. Until the conquer of Istanbul, Fatih compromised with other seigneuries and the remaining Roman dukedoms and even paid some to agree.

If political unity is based on willingness and faithfulness an ideal union has been achieved. What if this unity isn't willing, what should be done then? Then a political unity should be created. This should be done out of necessity. For, if unity isn't achieved within, many problems will arise from out of our borders.

Why is political unity necessary?

Turkey's two particular conditions require political unity:

1: The great Middle Eastern chaos with Syria at its center.

2: The internationally-backed PKK terror.

The Syrian crisis turned into an even more complicated issue. This crisis, which Iran has made its reason for existence and Russia which Russia has made a matter of pride and an opportunity for revenge, has affected all balances and stability in the region. Syria has become the base of a chaos and fighting that extends from Iran to Yemen, Russia to America, affecting nearly half of the world.

Finally, Russia pondering into Syria with all its power, and China supporting this with its giant size, clearly shows us that this crisis will not be settled in the near future. This is no joke. The two countries with the strongest armament have physically entered war right at our border. We will sustain the greatest injuries with these two giants battling right at our border. Leave the “Russia will move into warm waters” story aside, and see that Russia has made a very dangerous move (enough to boil these warm waters.)

Russia and China's existence will breed the PKK

Russia is determined to take revenge for Ukraine and the sanction in Syria. On the other hand, Russia's existence in the region has elated the PKK the most. The alliances it has formed with the U.S., supposedly formed to fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), its alliance with Iran due to its anti-Turkey policies, along with Russian and Chinese military existence in the region, will provide great advantage for the PKK. Historically and ideologically, Russia has always been allies with all anti-Turkey organizations. The alliance formed with the PKK is not current news.

The Syrian vortex has expanded with Russia and China entering the arena. It now has the strength to swallow any forthcoming country or object.

Can we trust Western countries?

Turkey has to come up with new strategies and plans to avoid being sucked into this deadly vortex situated in its region. We have to understand that the U.S., NATO and Europe are trying to braze off the issue with unnecessary romantic reactions. We should understand; the countries that we claimed to support the Gezi incidents, the parallel state and PKK in the past four years to maul Turkey, are the same countries that we perceive as allies that will support us today against Russia and China. Does this give you any confidence? I am not reassured. Therefore, we should understand that this isn't a case in which we can easily sit back and rest. Should we be afraid? Yes, we should. This isn't about being a coward. This is called trying to protect oneself to survive.

Thus, it is for this reason that we should create internal political unification, embrace each other and maintain our order. We shouldn't be engaged in internal problems that will weaken us while we have bigger problems waiting at our borders. Internal disorder will strengthen the enemy's hand.

How can we ensure political unity?

Abdülhamid Han, inherited the throne during the weakest times of the Empire. Yet, he protected his land until he was dethroned. He did everything in his power including the balancing of politics, political maneuvers and compromising with all groups (that were not openly betraying) in order to protect our unity.

Yes, maybe the Committee of Union and Progress did emotionally and heroically alluring things. Yet, in only 10 years they lost 5 million square kilometers of the land they inherited from Abdülhamid Han . We were about to become extinct.

If real politics is different from what our hearts desire, then we should be acting upon our intellect and not our hearts. We are bound to do this if we want to survive and protect our land.

This is the very reason that political unity is necessary, and yet this can only be achieved by the power managing the state apparatus.


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