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Muslims' test with Israel

The agreement with Israel caused a fluctuation among conservative groups. Our circle is always sensitive toward Jerusalem, Palestine, Gaza and Mavi Marmara issues. These are the issues that we get emotional about the most. The entire Muslim world has been in mourning since the invasion of Palestine in World War I.

There has been blood, exile, occupation and death on those lands since the day the Israeli state was declared. People of a faith whose first qiblah has been invaded should be in mourning anyway. Every Muslim is responsible for Jerusalem's occupation.

Why do they try to portray the Jerusalem issue as only a Palestinian issue? Why do they try to isolate them from the Arab world by labeling them “Palestinians?” Besides it is wrong to try and portray only Arabs defending Jerusalem. Why do they try and disassociate it from the Muslim world?

Jerusalem is also a problem for Christians

We can ask: Why is Jerusalem a problem for Muslims only when it is considered sacred by the three main religions? It is sacred for Christians too. Isn't it considered occupied?

Jerusalem is an international problem diplomatically, religiously and geographically. Therefore it should be discussed on an international scale. It had to be considered a problem by Christians, non-Zionist Jews and Muslims, and then it could have been discussed on an international scale. This just did not happen.

The Jerusalem issue was perceived as a problem between the Arabs and the Jews and thus wars were fought based on this. Arabs experienced the bitterest wars of Islamic history. Since those days, the Muslim world has been going through shame, lack of confidence and drift.

Turkey stood away from this fight for years. It even sided with Israel. This radically changed with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made efforts to establish peace between Israel and the Arab world, but also struggled to give Palestine its rights. Just when peace was going to be established with Syria, Gaza was suddenly bombed. If that bombing had not happened we would have woken up to a very different Middle East and Turkey. But it did not happen.

Muslim countries that don't support Turkey

Erdoğan showed such a strong reaction to Israel that the Arabs, seen as the owners of the Palestine issue, started to say that Turkey/Erdoğan is the leader of this issue.

The Mavi Marmara raid led to a difficult struggle. The world's most powerful countries, Jewish and Christian, supported Israel in this Turkey-Israel fight. Turkey was not supported in this fight by all Muslim countries.

Turkey resisted alone for a long time, going through different battles with powerful countries. Ironically, some Muslim countries and Turkish religious sects in Turkey stood against Turkey and Erdoğan and sided with Israel.

These sad realities happened before our eyes and were recorded in history. The Palestine and Jerusalem issues are painful ones. We will continue to suffer for a long time. Muslims never learn lessons from their experiences or try and fix their problematic lives.

Erdoğan paid the heaviest price

Turkey objected to this unfortunate fate with Erdoğan. The union of the Muslim world took important steps for the independence of Jerusalem. It did not work out. Erdoğan is one of the politicians who paid the heaviest prices because of the Palestine issue. No one can really argue against his sincerity, courage and sacrifice.

But some facts need to be faced. We did not change the perception that this is “the fight of a group of radical youth” and we did not open it to international discussion. Neither Turkey nor the Arab world had the power to do this.

The Muslim world couldn't unite amongst themselves. Thus being dispersed into pieces, they could not solve this problem. However, this situation should not be criticized. Could we ensure unity among conservatives in Turkey or even AK Party for that matter? Look at the recent incident between the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH) and Ankara. Can we really unite the Muslim world when we cannot even unite within our own borders?

Palestine is not only one country's cause

Jerusalem is not the issue of solely Palestinians or Arabs or Turks, or even the problem of the Muslims alone. This is a tragedy that concerns the whole world. This is a tragedy of occupation, blockade, embargo and bombardment. Yet the world chooses not to see this. The matter has been dealt with incorrectly. There are those who marginalize and isolate the issue from the world by saying “this is our problem.”

Jerusalem is the most important issue for Muslims. Before we were able to solve this issue, along came the Syrian crisis. We have no hope for either of them. May God help us.


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