A Ramadan day as fire rains on Aleppo - ALI NUR KUTLU

A Ramadan day as fire rains on Aleppo

It was raining fire. This fire had burned Aleppo down. Just like the phosphorus bombs that rained on Gaza, the phosphorus bombs hit the children in Aleppo. You would think such things happen only in tales, in old horror stories of the old or in mythology. But there are monsters with fire coming out of their mouths in Aleppo. It really rains fire from the sky.

There are seven-headed dragons made of steel.

There are man-eating monsters in this city.

In other words, this is not a place a child should be living.

What you call “cluster” is the name of a bomb in Aleppo. 'Phosphorus' is the name of a fire that burns people to ashes. Children will die from fear if they have not already from these bombs.

While watching Aleppo burn down, we remember the story of Hephaestus, the angry fire god, who poured fire on Olympus.
Yet, Aleppo is real, the fire is real, the tortured bodies are real and death is real...

The name of the fire god is different, but the fire is real.

While it rains fire in Aleppo, the words of humanity are reduced to ashes.

Humanity does not have anything to say to a child, whose heart has cringed in fear or to a father whose body has burned to ashes.

We will live in shame while we watch it rain fire in Aleppo.

We, the people, who sit and watch Aleppo burn down will have to pay the price one day.


The children of Aleppo died while watching the phosphorus bombs thinking they are fireworks, much like the children of Gaza.

The children of Gaza were killed while flying kites on the seaside; the children of Aleppo were killed while playing in the fields.

Children always die in the same way, innocent as angels. Children die shaming humanity, that is, if humanity has any shame left.


We feel like praying for doomsday while it rains fire in Aleppo and the world silently watches.

The world we live in has come to such a state that we want it to be doomsday.

What a disgrace. We are lost for words as we watch the fire scorch the fasting people in Aleppo, hungry, on a Ramadan day.

We do not have enough strength or power, thus we see life as a burden.

Our words and actions are useless. Everything is happening before our eyes, everything is real, not a fairytale...

Aleppo is real, the fire is real, the burning bodies are real, death is real...


As it rains fire in Aleppo on a Ramadan day, it is also the day all words and sentences burn too.

Conscience, mercy and justice burn down while we avoid hearing the wailing that reaches the skies of Aleppo.

If a Muslim is taking the life of another Muslim, especially in a month of mercy, religion, faith, belief, all have to be questioned.


Humanity prayed that the world came to an end when they saw Aleppo burning. Seeing it rain fire was as scary as it could ever get for them.

People hoped for Armageddon when they saw Aleppo burning, because there is a trial that distinguishes the tyrant from the oppressed.

But no one seems to bring these tyrants to trial for pouring fire on the children of Aleppo.

No one cares about the tears of the oppressed.

No one says “stop” to oppression.

The world we live in has come to such a state that we want it to be doomsday.


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