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What is the radical change in sociology?

There is enormous change in the world's sociology including the U.S. and Europe's sociology. It is not easy to understand and analyze this change as we are still in the middle of change. Change is in process and it is yet to complete itself. Therefor... more

Things will not change with Trump but you

It would be no exaggeration to say "The world is stunned." Republican Donald Trump heading the world's most powerful country and biggest army and economy shook everybody.If you think about it, this angry man who swears and shouts at everybody around ... more

Muslims' test with Israel

The agreement with Israel caused a fluctuation among conservative groups. Our circle is always sensitive toward Jerusalem, Palestine, Gaza and Mavi Marmara issues. These are the issues that we get emotional about the most. The entire Muslim world has... more

A Ramadan day as fire rains on Aleppo

It was raining fire. This fire had burned Aleppo down. Just like the phosphorus bombs that rained on Gaza, the phosphorus bombs hit the children in Aleppo. You would think such things happen only in tales, in old horror stories of the old or in mytho... more

“You couldn't even be like Iran”

You must have heard this saying recently. It is an argument used by those who criticize Turkey's foreign policies and politics. They have been saying, “Iran is very successful, why isn't Turkey as successful as Iran?” The answer to be given to this s... more

We need to find new ways far from terrorism

Yes, because of its colonist attitude, France has caused millions of people in Africa and the Middle East to die, be exiled and suffer famish and a terrible life. And this colonization still continues. If we were to discuss this issue from morning t... more

We will pull ourselves together, after we vote

You have been listening to election propaganda for months. And you will vote today. You cannot change the color of your vote after anymore. Therefore, I will not write a column suggesting who you should vote for and why. Besides the reader of this co... more

Who carried out the triple attack?

The late Professor Mahir Kaynak, one of the most important figures of Turkish intelligence had said, “ Whoever benefits from the result of an incident, the perpetrators should be searched there.” I believe, a formula stronger than this to solve obscu... more

Need for political unity

All big governments do something in particular before crises and growth, and that is political unification. We can see many examples of this in European and even Asian history. Our history is the same too. This is exactly how the Ottomans grew and g... more

The hardship of Hajj and the right of independence

Most of us have been privileged with going to the sacred lands. And we have all experienced the hardships there. We have pocketed these experiences remembering the hadith, “Hajj is hardship.” Well, is the meaning of this hadith and the hardships we e... more

The future of the AK Party

Let's criticize, love or ignore that the AK Party has written a great story for Turkey. The founding leader of the party, Erdoğan, has already made history. Together with him, the founding actors and the names who make decisions which will affect the... more

To exploit a child's body

There are some limits, crossing those lines means to lose human feelings. Crossing those lines means to create an irreversible insanity and an irrecoverable devastation.There are some limits that shouldn't be exceeded.Killing a child is the most impo... more


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