Dark Monday…

On Monday, yesterday, the most important matter was Davutoğlu and Kılıçdaroğlu's meeting, which has not yet begun as this article was written. However, simultaneous terror attacks and news of martyrs surpassed this important development.

We've experienced a Dark Monday.

The Fatih Police Station in İstanbul Sultanbeyli has been attacked by a bomb-laden vehicle. As a result of the attack on the bomb defusal squad, the department chief lost his life. Three attackers were killed. Claims and information are pointing at PKK as the culprit of the act.

DHKP-C militants opened fire at the police sentry box in front of the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul. In Şırnak's Silopi province, 4 police officers were killed as a result of land mines planted by PKK. In the incident, 3 PKK members were killed. One organization in Beytüşşsebap and the Southeast, while DHKP-C and probably another organization in Istanbul…

The attacks directed at security forces, and the gradual increase in the number of attacks, is naturally bringing forth many questions and worries. With the lives lost and the environment created, the ember doesn't only burn where it falls; instead, Turkey's democracy and stability is being threatened and targeted.

The question “Why has DHKP-C started active attacks nowadays?” is important.

Even if another organization claims responsibility for the attack on the Sultanbeyli Police Station, the attack in Silopi, where 4 people lost their lives two days ago and the incidents in Şırnak and Beytüşşebap are showing us that the organization is gradually losing their logic, surrendered to their weapons and fighter groups are prevailing.

For a couple of days now, the statements made by the representatives of the Kurdish Political Movement, or the messages from HDP, Qandil or Brussels were emphasizing the desire and expectation related with a return to the Resolution Process. Even Karayılan stated that the attack on the 2 police officers, who were killed by being shot in the head, wasn't an order from the organization, but rather it was conducted by a group named Apo-supporter Fighters. Zübeyr Aydar participated in a TV Show in IMC TV, and asked for Karayılan's statements to be used as data.

It's clear why the Kurdish movement feels the need to make such statements. Between those, the most important one is the pursuit for a way back to politics.

However, in return, the increase in the number of attacks against the security forces is reducing the possibility of a swift return and blocking the ways.

It should be remembered that; every period possesses unique qualities and dynamics that include past units. The ending of the post-2011 war period with the Resolution Process, where 700 people lost their lives within 14 months, cannot be regarded as data for the organization.

In other words, the organization cannot shape the government and their relations with the government through arms, raids or violence. It shouldn't be forgotten that the government has accumulated experience in fighting against the PKK, in the same way that the organization has 30-years of war experience. At the present point, the matter that is indicative for the political rulership and government is to set some factors of the Resolution Process in their place, and return to the conditions of 2013; in other words, to their promise of withdrawing their armed units in Turkey. However, another matter that is important is the matter of the public order in the Southeast, which turned into a problem during the Resolution Process. In other words, the problem is the organization's policy to expand in this geographical area through governmental activities. This matter, which Davutoğlu referred to as existential for the government and which the organization is resisting against, is showing that the gap is growing bigger, despite the desire to return to the Resolution Process. The worst case scenario is the prolonging of the PKK violence and government's suppression attempts within mutual balances.

In my latest article, which is entitled “Where are we in the Kurdish crisis”, I've mentioned that the arms and violence is losing their power to indicate the limits.

Yes, it's time to talk about it again and this is what everyone desires.

However, the essential condition for the PKK is to stop their activities, declare this openly and prevent independent attempts.

Otherwise, everyone will continue hurting…


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