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The tremors of 2015...

We are leaving behind a tough year. The fire enveloping the southeast, the urban wars alone are enough to describe 2015 as a problem year. This is a field of fire in which the organization turned its back to politics and the state is unable to fin... more

HDP and the death of politics

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is gradually turning from a "medium for reconciliation and interaction" in the Kurdish question to a tool for "imposition and confrontation." It appears the task to carry to the public the declaration of the Democr... more

Russian crisis: Honor and wisdom

The Russian crisis is continuing with troubles. Russians are taking steps to escalate the tension and corner Turkey from all quarters. They follow a policy to introduce and show their powers and challenge. Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying ... more

Russia- Assad cooperation and its results

The region is burning like hellfire. But the direction of the wind is not in favor of Turkey. There are three topics arising from the Syrian territories Turkey has been accepting as threat for a long time. The first one is the existence of the Islami... more

Rage of the order...

Acts of terror, especially those toward defenseless civilians, acts that turn everyday life into a battlefield, lead to serious results in many ways.The issue of area of freedoms is one of these… After Sept. 11, 2001, we saw how this security wave re... more

Turkey's Syrian story...

A few days ago in Istanbul, a senior official gave a briefing on the government's position in foreign politics to a group of journalists, including me. The main topic of the briefing was Syria. With Syria in question, Turkey's relations with the Wes... more

What and how will the voters prefer?

Despite the nuisances, rise and falls that smell like crisis, an election government has been established within a complete frame of legitimacy. It's acting in the frame of the verdicts anticipated by the political system. The display, which will be ... more

The coalition or elections?

There is no doubt that the country is going through critical days in many aspects. While the democratic order is threatened by the jammed Resolution Process and increasing violent acts, the country is also face to face with questions related with the... more

Dark Monday…

On Monday, yesterday, the most important matter was Davutoğlu and Kılıçdaroğlu's meeting, which has not yet begun as this article was written. However, simultaneous terror attacks and news of martyrs surpassed this important development. We've experi... more

ISIL and coalition….

What's happening and what's supposed to happen are once again fluttering about in opposite directions. While it's necessary to band together against terrorism and violence, forget about the differences, put the political arguments aside and come toge... more

What will happen if we go to early elections?

We are passing through a demanding period. Some unresolved issues like the Kurdish issue, are including aspects that can occlude the system despite Turkish politics' revanchist traditions and the pluralist representation display. As you know, there a... more

The coalition possibilities….

Davutoğlu is right on one matter. With their statements and especially with MHP's highlighted “illegitimate HDP” attitude, the opposition parties already removed the coalition possibility without AK Party. Now, there are three possibilities; AK Party... more


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