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While Obama knocks on the Queen's door...

US President Barack Obama, who came to Saudi Arabia for the Gulf countries summit, went from the King's country to the Queen's island. Even this similitude is enough to explain a great deal. There is no need to repeat that the last strategic area the US will give up in the Middle East is the oil region.

The travel from the Saudi King's country to the Queen's country, the UK, means a visit to its most essential ally in Europe. The way EU and US relations will form in the future depends on the UK's position in the EU.

It is for this reason that Obama's knocking on the Queen's door before the summit with the big guns of the EU is not only the result of traditional ties.

Besides always having an anomalistic stance within the EU throughout history, the UK having now reached a decision point, is extremely important in terms of the US's European relations. While it is currently being discussed whether the UK should stay in the EU, Obama's calls to British citizens to choose to stay is not for nothing. This call, which may be interpreted as interfering with the interior affairs of the British, is actually closely related to the fate of the two countries. Just as the UK is the US's reliable partner in the EU, it could also be said that it is, in a sense, its eyes and ears.

There was an expectation that after the Cold War, Europe would sever its ties with the US and become an independent global actor. The claim that at least its former dependency relationship would greatly differ, its special relations between the two shores of the Atlantic Ocean would continue, and it would leave American guidance and become a power that could develop independent strategies was discussed a lot among the Europeans. Hence, with the inclusion of the countries under its area of influence in the alliance, it was presumed that Germany's almost unstoppable economic rise would give the opportunity and courage to develop alternative policies against both France and the US.

Instead, the US encouraged the expansion of the EU in parallel with NATO's growth. This is why it would be no surprise that the countries under the NATO umbrella are also EU members. Hence, the EU was prevented from being a uniform union within itself, able to take effective decisions. This led to both the increased influence of the US in the union and the EU's losing its capacity to expand and become a rival power.

During this period, just as the UK is positioned as the representative of the UK in Western Europe, the US and consequently the UK's persistent attitude in Eastern Europe in relation to Turkey's EU membership, was the result of similar strategic preferences. Turkey, which stands closer to the US than Europe, inclusion in the union was important in terms of relations to be established with the Middle East. This way, Turkey's potential to be a subject in the West would also be worn out.

The bosses of the EU, who openly stated that they did not want to be neighbors with the Middle East through Turkey's membership, were acting upon the traditional European reflex. However, the US, which has more pragmatist and global plans compared to Europe, does not care about such a historical payback with Turkey, and wanted Turkey to be a role model for including the Middle East in the system.

The EU, which has shown that it does not want to be neighbors with the Middle East by accepting Turkey, that it cannot accept Turkey under its umbrella with its Eastern, in other words Muslim identity, despite its efforts to Westernize, has accepted the Middle East inside Europe. It is still not a bordering neighbor of the Middle East, but as a result of the events in the Middle East, due also to its own policies, the Middle East has moved to European capitals. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are walking from south to north, directly into Europe.

This walk is a small price to pay for global injustice, the wealth of the large section of the capitalist world… The EU which claims to be new Rome, with the fear that it may live Rome's fate, is getting the feeling that the alarm bells are ringing. This time the barbarians were coming from the south, not the north.

Through these developments, the Europeans are also coming to realize the ineptitude of the US as a global hegemony and that it has now reached the limits of its crisis management capacity.

It is more or less obvious now that the EU no longer has a power and the ability to take initiative entirely independent of the US. But, how much longer the US can keep the EU in its initiative is also one of the fundamental questions awaiting response.

Obama's meeting with Europe's bosses signals a turning point in relation to the EU's future and hence how much longer the US can continue its global power.

The question of whether Turkey's future in this process lies in the competition among the great powers, which have started to present a chaotic structure, or in alternative pursuits, requires a long-term view and preparation with a civilization perspective, without haste.


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