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USA’s new Pearl Harbor?

It is beneficial to think about the rise of the Republicans in the mid-term American elections together with the intensifying violence spiral in the Middle East. It is important to think about how the possible Republican rulership will approach the region, more than the possible steps that will be taken by the Democratic Obama administration, which pursues more moderate policies that the Neocon Republicans, in their final years, as well as leaves the essential strategic priorities unchanged.

“It is beneficial to repeat the fixation made in the PNAC-Project for the New American Century study before the 11th of September; the American army needs a new Pearl Harbor. A confession that confirms the fixation in the report, in which names like Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Kagan, Robert Kagan and Mark Lagon, who are close to Bush, had come from McCain right before the elections. Even though it requires a revolutionist transformation in the long-term, a Pearl Harbor-type of calamity, which serves as the catalyzer for the process of transformation of the future, is quite essential…” (Taken from my article dated 26.06.2008)

The September 11 attacks really had a new Pearl Harbor effect on the Americans, and suitably to the strategy, which was possibly prepared way before the attack, some countries had been invaded. It is unnecessary to question whether there is a direct relation between the September 11 attacks and the invaded regions, or whether it was necessary to operate such a war machine with this many soldiers in order to punish the ones that had conducted the attacks on the USA. Because, in order to understand the reasons behind the invasions of Afghanistan, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, and Iraq, which possesses the richest crude oil fields, we were required to look at the strategic necessity more than the logical relation.

Since an American “leadership”, where the Neocons are dominant, or in other words, a new Republican rulership had appeared on the horizon, the question of “what could be the new Pearl Harbors?” pops in our minds. Besides, this justification is not only necessary for the Republicans, but also for the American deep state mind. We can say that all the justifications used in the USA’s Afghanistan and Iraq invasions are still continuing today. Even though they had officially pulled their soldiers backs, the fact that they are continuing their political and military dominance, is giving us the signals of the justification for continuing their existence in this region, which possesses a strategic importance. The reality that Afghanistan is still in a region, which is surrounded by countries like Russia, China, India, Pakistan and potentially Iran, who possess nuclear powers, will be continuing until the borders change and this country is annihilated from the world map. Not only Iraq, but also the de facto monitoring issue of the Gulf and Middle East, which are the most strategic regions in terms of world energy sources, is still preserving its validity. In this case, it means that similar to how these two countries/regions had been invaded after September 11, the USA’s justifications for maintaining its existence and effect are still continuing.


The presentation of the ISIL legend for the sustainability of the invasion can be regarded as the new Pearl Harbor effect. In the same way how the question of “whether Al Qaida is existing in reality or not” has no importance at all. It seems that ISIL’s effectiveness in the region will be providing the required tool for the American strategy. Possibly a similar post 2001 game will not be repeated; however, they might want to setup a game, where regional actors are put forward, some changes are applied in the status quo and maybe even the maps will change. No matter what the result is, without a doubt, America, whose might as a global power and effect had started to be discussed worldwide, would not want to lose their final border and would want to protect it. If not, they would be required to declare that they had given up on the global power role by returning to their isolationist policies by retreating to their natural borders, and that they had left their position which they had maintained since World War II. Which is a possible case in the midterm. It is being understood that they had given up on the possibility of the region’s, which had started with the Arab Spring, possibility to evolve into a new period too early. It is apparent that they had given up on the idea of integrating the region to the global system and controlling it by means of turning them into customers of the open market, and that the system had returned to its factory settings for now.

The faith of the Middle East is of course not under the USA’s absolute will. The sentences above can be regarded as the attempt to shed light to the possible approach from the point of the USA in the forthcoming period.

There are lots of valid reasons that require us to think that the pursuit of a strategic reason, which puts Al Qaida, the ISIL attempt and the Taliban in to the same pouch, despite the religious and ideological differentiations between them, is still valid.

The actual subject we should be talking about is the matter of how the Islamic world’s blind points and weaknesses could be used to escape from being a useful tool for the powers outside the region. Despite the Islamic civilization, which managed to keep a small minority that speaks His Holiness Jesus’ original language, Aramaic, for the past 1500 years, we have to ponder on the perception that they are under danger because of the Muslims today.

The marginal groups, who are put forth on the scene as a part of the perception operation and amplified, and the playmakers, who are actualizing their strategic objectives by using these groups as justifications, are all apparent to our eyes…

The Muslims are required to become a playmaker subject in order to break this game; and before everything, Muslims are required to have a playmaker mind and self-confidence. The perception, which is degrading all the statements of Islam to the ISIL expression today, and the Muslim masses will always be useful for some.



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