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I’m defending the existence judgment

With a deliberate perception method, religionist expression rhetoric had been placed into ISIL’s hand. The Islam and politics relation, radical “religionism”, and everything related with Islamism had been on the head-chopping metaphor, which appears in the press, via political-religionism. The understanding of religion, in other words, the image study related to religion that is put on ISIL, does not only consist of masked executors or militants that have smooth English, messed up hair and a beard. As for the thing pointed out in practice by the incidents that show Kobani, which started on the last day of Bayram, as the reason, its objective is the “rendering of everything related with religion in this country with ISIL”. It had turned into a street show, which declares every structure, individual and formation it regards as related with religion as the supporter, cause and result of a shaggy bearded militant. Religious radicalism was so malicious and there was a thought that a religious mentality that doesn’t produce violence doesn’t exist. In other words, an abdication of response, which implies everything that is related with religion as superstitious, had overflown to the streets. Religious fanaticism is a horrible thing.

Criticizing nationalist fanaticism was amounting to supporting the head-chopping religionists.

Not all the nationalist fanaticism was the point in question, rather, just the special type and the one that was right in every case, and criticizing this was regarded as harboring ISILism! This many people being locked up in four walls and their houses, was one of the walls rammed by state’s policy of handling the situation against palliative precautions instead of developing a common envisagement for years. During a period where at least there is a platform, which can prevent the bloodshed by assuming that something is going wrong, nationalist fanaticism is attempting to take the country hostage with their blackmails.

We remember how the Kurdish groups, which had been brought in front of the states by PKK after eliminating other rival Kurdish groups first, had affected the perception related with religion, not just in the region, but in the whole country.

Despite this, even though the radical Islamic identity of the local community hasn’t been destroyed, deep wounds had been opened in new generations regarding religion. Despite this, PKK was forced to soften and change its religious expression.

The new situation, which had appeared via Syria, is oriented in forming a new secular perception and relation, and it seems useful.

For the sake of the nationalist, modernist, the secular mind’s naïve humanism-based fantasies of political reckonings, which opens war to religious idea, unidentified “Islamism”. Thus, for every kind of social, cultural and political image related to religion via the Syria, ISIL and Kobane indicators of blended ideological rages, the existence judgment of these lands, or the acknowledgment of the existence of these lands, is being taken lightly.

By leaning on the nationalist/chauvinist fanaticism, which is fed by the feeling of being a creditor from everything at the level of hooliganism, the Islamic texture of the geography is being played with.

On the other hand, the conservative reflex had united with the state, and seems far from trying to understand the meaning of the will, which had been received by a mentality of emotional anger rather than a mind that surrounds the masses.

The organizations’ style of doing politics is clear. They had always performed an unprincipled pragmatism that evaluates every opportunity that is possible until now.

The state of ideological alienation sees no harm in vandalizing every kind of value. Even the harming of values is being seen necessary for the primitive nationalist, rude secular side.

The important thing here is that the masses are being dragged behind a belief enough to follow this structure, and at the same time, with the emotional disengagement from ancient connections.

Of course, the situation is not the result of a couple of years. Inventing a reason from the past for every kind of provocation, seeing thyself as a creditor in every situation is a victimhood sickness.

The fact that the religious image, which is represented by ISIL – or in other words, which had been attached to ISIL – is neither the result of tradition nor a religious mentality; it is a reality that shouldn’t be voiced or proved for Kurdish nationalists/fanatics as if it had been for Turkish nationalists.

This reality coming out in the open, the fake humanistic expressions oppression, is the last thing they would want.

As long as the chaos continues with blood being shed, it means that the reality will be sacrificed and buried in the darkness more and more.

When the political conflicts, political polarizations, and even the wars come to an end one day, the permanent and indicator thing of the region is the question of what will be the Islamic Kurds’ relationship with Islam.

This situation is the matter of defending our conditions of existence above our barren reckonings, the state’s palliative precautions, and the unsuccessful plans of the ruling party, our ethnic and geographic relation.

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