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Gaza cannot normalize Israel

The issue of fixing relations with Israel has not been on the agenda because of the heat of internal politics. Although there hasn't been an official agreement, it is evident that discussions are happening behind closed doors. It is evident from leaked news that both parties are using their aces while on the bargaining table.

It would be hard to suddenly change the course of the discourse used when we consider the discourse Turkey used against Israel in terms of foreign politics and internal politics. The discourse bar was held so high that the Arab world, which was constantly abused by Israel, brushed off the inferiority complex and started to believe that they would take revenge. It is evident that the voices that rose from Turkey were some kind of morale boost for the Arab world, which always felt degraded by Israel and their politically inferior leaders.

Turkey neither waged war on Israel nor rescued occupied land. However, it expressed a few very important issues in international platforms. One of the main reasons Turkey's discourse was so effective is that despite Turkey continuing its relations with Israel, its untested capacity and challenging image made it seem powerful. Using this momentum wisely, the AK Party government knew how to use the developments that happened after Mavi Marmara against Israel.

On the other hand, even when political relations were at their lowest, business between the two countries increased. The attitude Turkey adopted against Israel was welcomed with joy in the Middle East, but the fact that the West and especially the US didn't react to this was overlooked.

This important detail could be explained with the new position of the Israel-US relations. The US wanted to limit the politics of Israel that belittled its power besides guaranteeing Israel's strategic privilege and security.

The main issue that comes to mind when the question is asked, “Why did Turkey feel the need to normalize its relations with Israel again?" is the crisis that arose during its relations with the US. In reality, whether Turkey has the power to affect America's attitude towards the current Israel government should be tested. However, Turkey leaning towards an alliance with Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and normalizing its relations with Israel at the same time brings about a very interesting equation.

It is important to remember that the expectation that Turkey will overcome some issues by normalizing its relations with Israel is just as important for Israel too. Israel has always strategically needed Turkey. This is not just for geopolitical reasons, but for economic and political reasons too. The discourse analysis of the secret meetings between Turkey and Israel should help us understand the position of both parties.

I should specify that; the arguments used to normalize the 'normalization' between the two countries in public opinion do not coincide with Israel or the occupation or the historical experience. The problem here is the contrast that arises with the political interests that real political attitudes idealize, and the return to a position justified with necessity.

Israel uses a similar discourse during the apology process. More precisely it is trying to hypothesize statements made behind closed doors that cannot be verified or falsified. It is trying to direct public opinion with unaccredited rumors and trying to give itself the upper hand in the bargaining process.

It is certain that the ace Israel has up its sleeve on the negotiation table, is Hamas. They will presumably negotiate to have Hamas recognized as a terrorist organization. In fact the partial lifting of the blockade on Gaza will be of secondary importance. If the blockade is lifted it still will be a political defeat. As the occupation that blockades Gaza, also pledges the political will of the Gazans.

The real issue is that, making limited agreements with Gaza and normalizing relations with Israel should not be mixed with Palestine's main problem. It shouldn't be forgotten that Palestine does not mean Gaza. If Gaza is under blockade, Palestine is totally occupied.


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